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  1. Mercedes wrote: I also modified my tap -- used brass fittings and it is way smooth!! :woohoo: You go girl!
  2. cheapogroovo wrote: No reason to post anymore. the contest is over. But I do encourage all of you beer fans to read my money blog. The link is below! http://www.cheapogroovo.com Is this considered to be spam?
  3. Clownshoes wrote: Facts? The fact is the order was messed up, I called them out, we found out UPS is to blame, I got new cans. WTF is your problem? The squeeky wheel gets the grease. ps: They are not retards over there, just probably drunk. Huh? :S
  4. yankeedag wrote: My freebee shipped today. I'll let you know when it gets here. I wonder how I can "tweek" this Oktoberfest... any ideas? I suggest a little brown sugar.
  5. By all means aerate it right after pitching the yeast. Aerate the heck out of it However, when it's time to bottle don't aerate it because you don't want to oxidize your beer at that point.
  6. Definite difference. I highly recommend the deluxe!
  7. I am happy to report my free beer refill arrived yesterday (thanks Mr Beer). It was in tip top shape and packed with just the right amount of packing peanuts. Good job!
  8. Dang it! I forgot to take a picture of my humidor
  9. Bottle it and drink it! I think it's just krausen All is going to be okay. Seriously though, if it tastes okay, I'm sure it will be.
  10. Clownshoes wrote: Just got off the phone with Customer Service at Mr. Beer. The problem was that UPS damaged the box, then re-boxed it. After closer look I can see the shipping label was transfered to a new box. Big props to Mr.Beer customer service for taking care of business. UPS does this to my commercial shipments all the time. It sucks!
  11. Thank you so much! Hopefully in the future I will be able to 'pay it forward'.
  12. I never had that problem, but I am sure that someone will take note of this post. I am expecting a package to arrive from them today. I'll take a look at mine and report back what condition it arrives.
  13. I got mine and it has already shipped and customer service has provided me with a UPS tracking number for it.
  14. Duh... I'm stupid... the code is only for kits... not refills... sorry for the confusion... I didn't read it as completely as I should have
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