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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to brew a 5 gallon extract brew. I'm not looking to do anything crazy with this one..just something that's going to be very drinkable on a hot summer day I'm thinking along the lines of blue moon, but I'm not all that worried about style. Any ideas for an easy to drink summer time brew recipe?
  2. D Train, I brewed your Oatmeal Stout recipe a few months back and was very impressed it..now it's time to brew an IPA, and i think the "No Coast American IPA" sounds really good...how does this compare to some of your other IPA recipes? I'm looking for something that isn't "too hoppy", and is about 4.5%-6% I'm still new to all grain, so i can't always tell one recipe from another..any comments about your IPAs? Anyone else is welcome to chime in too!
  3. D-Rock's AG oatmeal stout recipe came out awesome! I am beyond happy with the taste..it is better than any partial mash or Mr. Beer recipe I have made so far, which is obviously what i was going for.. My only disappointment: HEAD RETENTION..or lack thereof. When I think of an oatmeal stout, I think, rich, creamy head..that is definitely not there...what did I do wrong, or what can I do different next time? If you like oatmeal stouts, give this recipe a try..it really wasn't that difficult to make, just took all day, but that could have been because of the many beers consumed in the process....
  4. We will definitely let these age! Since we split the batch and it will go fast, my buddy and I are planning on making this recipe again in a few weeks. I have a few cans of pumpkin and we talked about possibly making a pumpkin stout based off your oatmeal stout recipe. Have you ever brewed anything like this before? Does this sound like a bad idea? Would the pumpkin (one can i'm assuming) just be added to the boil...let me know your thoughts on this. I'm also guessing that more hops would be needed to balance out the pumpkin.
  5. tasted the oatmeal stout at bottling...awesome! if it tasted that good warm and uncarbonated, i can't wait to taste it again in about 3-4 weeks..thanks for the great recipe!
  6. i will be bottling the oatmeal stout at the end of the week(not sure which day yet)..for a total of 17-20 days in the fermenter. i am splitting the batch with my buddy..we will be using cane sugar for most of the priming. we will be trying malt extract and corn sugar for a few bottles. d-rock, have you tasted this one yet?
  7. sounds good..thanks a lot man..i'll keep everyone posted on how this one turns out.
  8. first all grain experience went well..more on that when i have more time... for now, an important question: i used the SafAle English Ale (DCL Yeast #S-04) yeast. I thought my fermenting temp would be a consistant 68 degrees and instead it's been more like a consistant 64-65 degrees. should i move the fermenter to somewhere a little warmer, or should i be ok at 64-65 with this yeast?
  9. thanks again..i'm sure i'll have a few more stupid questions before sunday haha.
  10. after two months from the original brew date, i just have to say.. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!..all i can taste is spice..and the beer is kind of thick or something.. its barely drinkable..will not be brewing again with spices for awhile, due to two disappointing brews
  11. thanks man.. my buddy and i will be making this oatmeal stout this weekend..he has done several 5 gallon partial mashes with much success..this will be both of our first all grain experience... all the ingredients were ordered today.. a couple more quick questions.. 1) what do you typically use to prime a stout? 2) i believe you are using mr. beer brew kegs..if so, how are you batch priming..i'm not familiar with your set-up i'm sure i'll have a few more as the week progresses..i'm pumped to try my hand at AG..thanks in advance for all of you help by the way..how good was this recipie? it seriously sounds so good to me.
  12. this oatmeal stout recipie sounds really good.. what temp did you ferment this at and for how long?
  13. i've searched and found a few on here..can anyone (d-rock?) hook me up with some good all grain recipies? prefered styles would be IPAs, stouts or any worthwhile clones. i'm not that picky on style. i'm looking to make mr. beer sized recipies, obviously. thanks.
  14. cm11599ps wrote: At this point I'm unsure if I should bottle it tomorrow or let it sit another week for a 3 week fermentation. i'd suggest a 3-3-3 on this one
  15. tasting after one week? to each their own, but give it some time man!
  16. does anybody have one? or other all-grain clones they'd like to suggest?
  17. Fermented for 23 days..I'm following 3-3-3 for this brew... Sampled when bottling..tasted great..spices were not overpowering and slight pumpkin taste.. Only yield 19 bottles though..ouch Will let it sit in the bottles at about 68 degrees for 2 weeks, 1 week in the basement at about 55 degrees, and 3 weeks in the fridge before cracking open the first one! Please, if you haven't yet.. go out an buy a 22oz of Southern Tier's Pumpking..this is the only pumpkin beer on shelves that really matters...dogfish head's "punkin" is a close second.
  18. dnotar364 wrote: moparscot wrote: Well after 24hrs Ive got about a inch of trub and some bubbling. No kreusen as of yet fermenting at about 69 deg. Fermentation may take a little longer at 69 degrees but dont worry this is exactly where you want to keep your temperature. My guess is you will stop seeing activity after about 10 - 12 days but leave it in the keg for a minimum of 15 days at this temp and you will have a very tasty brew! edit: Im going to be bottling my pumpkin ale this evening. Its been in the keg for about 17 days. Although it takes much longer, I think Im going to primarily use 12 oz bottles so I can enjoy this beer 1 at a time and as long as possible. Cheers! what are you using to prime? also, did you taste a little while bottling? if so, how was it?
  19. definitely keep us posted.. if this comes out good for you, this may be my winter brew....
  20. dazzling-delhisian wrote: I put a block of wood under the front end of the keg to help with this so hopefully that will work. I can't really tell yet but it's looking to be about an inch thick...when i made a raspberry beer i had a similar problem and used the block of wood method...this should work fine. My guess is that some beer will definitely be lost, but nothing you can really do except add less pumpkin next time... keep us updated!
  21. i saw plenty of activity on day 2...be patient though..no worries yet
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