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  1. "Da Yooper" post=368292 said:Anyone planning on going to the Ypsi Michigan Summer Beer Festival? Tickets went on sale yesterday so I snagged mine right away. Last year I think I walked away with more tokens than I started out with due to the generosity of all the brewmasters. I wish. Will have to miss it while I'm still on the mend. Doctors' not ready to okay me for drinking beer yet. But that festival sounds great. I have never been to it. Huge crowds are the only negative I can see.
  2. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=356523 said:MICHIGAN to the Elite 8. Yesssssssssssssssssssss! I posted somewhere in the thread about brackets that KU didn't have what it took to make the Final 4 this year........and I was right. I live in Overland Park, KS....a veritable stronghold of KU animosity. It's going to be SOOOO fun to walk into work on Monday and see all of those people who stopped by my office this week and diss'ed my Michigan signs. :banana: And what a game it was!
  3. I first looked at this thread because of the title "Removing lid from LBK" Thought I could impart some of my vast wisdom and knowledge! LOL. :charlie: However, it occurs to me now, you could get a huge number of responses had the thread been titled... "Removing lid from LBK, now I wear an eye patch" :cheers:
  4. That makes two parakeets I know of that share my name. I've always fancied it a better name for an eagle or an owl. Although, going for the eye-peck, that's macho!
  5. "Brian1179" post=293176 said:sorry Zobl, the darn tigers could not hold the giants back i am exceedingly happy that the dam Yankees were not in the series. maybe next year for the Tigers huh? Yeah. Better part of 4 games with NO offense. And against good pitching, that just ain't gonna cut it.
  6. "RickBeer" post=292396 said:We'll see. It is releasing two years after it was supposed to, and they changed the invaders from Chinese to North Korean after they filmed it... It was filmed here in Michigan back when someone thought it made good financial sense to give people a profit before they even released a movie. And then the movie company went bankrupt!
  7. "RickBeer" post=292220 said: "relim82" post=292145 said: "Zobl" post=292140 said:Hey, we've got a World Series to concentrate on! Ever notice how we aren't lucky to have two teams have a good year at the same time? Pistons, Lions, Tigers, Redwings... Only 1 team a killer season every year, and it rotates lol Wolverines... Red Dawn?
  8. Hey, we've got a World Series to concentrate on!
  9. No. I have been a fan through worse seasons than this! And this is after they lost Monday night. Don't get me wrong...they really torqued my shorts with that loss. What happened to this offense?
  10. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=258988 said:This guide was awesome and I'm glad I read it before I started to brew my first batch on May 5th. I've been watching the LBK bubble and the yeasties go flying around in there with amazement. It's like a science experiment that you can end up drinking! So, I'm going to wait at least 2 weeks before cold crashing and then bottling. It's the waiting that sucks!! Thanks for the great info! Welcome to your new obsession! GO WINGS!!! :drinking:
  11. Brought back some memories of some old posters.
  12. manosteel9423 wrote: Been to St. Clair many times! Shop in Port Huron often and golf in the area even more! I actually live in Corunna, a small town just south of Sarnia, which is almost directly across the river from St. Clair. I know Corunna, Sombra, Walpole Island, etc. Been through there many times too!
  13. manosteel9423 wrote: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Somebody has to bring some culture to these forums... ;p I grew up a few miles down the river from you! St. Clair, MI Now live in the suburbs of Hockeytown!
  14. haerbob3 wrote: Not far from my old stomping grounds originally form Clinton Twp Homeboyz!
  15. haerbob3 wrote: Sounds good to me after 2 or 3 rounds my German starts to sound like English So Zobl where are you hailing from? Roseville, MI Tend to hang out at Dragonmead and Kuhnhenn's in Warren, MI.
  16. haerbob3 wrote: Erster Punkt der Tagesordnung ist, wenn ich der Präsident aller tun Sie werden den Kauf bin! First order of business is if I am the president You all are doing the buying!! Like the spinners going have to make some up water to thin plow and too thick to rink firght so maybe I'll just make beer!! Ich mag die Spinner, damit ich gehen zu müssen, machen mich einige bis das Wasser ist zu dick, um Fisch zu dünn und zu pflügen I like the spinners so I am going to have to make some up the water is too thick to fish and to thin to plow I told I make a good strong brew! OK. OK. I have no problem with you being president. But if we aren't going to sprechin sie English, I ain't buying more than 2 or 3 rounds. Dammit.
  17. rattlesnake wrote: LouieMacGoo wrote: Zobl wrote: haerbob3 wrote: Like the spinners going have to make some up water to thin plow and too thick to rink firght so maybe I'll just make beer!! I was thinking the same thing! I read that at least 3 time and it still didn't make sense! Haerbob3 could translate this please? I thought I was the only one confused... Let's form a club! The "haerbob3's effin' with us" club! He can be the president. And by us beer! At Kuhnhenn's!!!! :woohoo:
  18. haerbob3 wrote: Like the spinners going have to make some up water to thin plow and too thick to rink firght so maybe I'll just make beer!!
  19. There's Cap'n Cork on 21 Mile and Garfield. Small but good shop. There's Brewingworld in Warren. It's in the same parking lot as Kuhnhenn's (actually owned by Kuhnhenn's). The LHBS is not spectactular by any means. Now Kuhnhenn's, that's a different story! Recently just rated the 10th best brewery in the world. Awesome brews. Only 2 LHBS I've been to locally (to me).
  20. Wow. First time I ever saw this category. Anyway, in our neck of the woods, we are blessed with many microbreweries just perfect for meeting up at. Nearest to me are Kuhnhenn's and Dragonmead in Warren.
  21. I like the ADIPA. But I have made the GB Czech Pilsner more often than any other standard. Wife likes it.
  22. NewMBbrewer wrote: getting ready to make my first batch of beer. i bought my west coast pale ale because my beer store said it was one of the easier ones to make. he said i needed to add hops. i don't care for them. my question is if i should add them since this is my first batch? thank you NMB...my advice...brew it straight up. Like many others on this board, the WCPA was my first crack at brewing. Needless to say, I was hooked and the rest is history. As for not caring for hops, I believe that in short time you will come to realize that you do indeed care for hops. Very much. You will end up with a freezer full of a variety of hops, wondering what concoction to put them in next. Face it, no matter what style of beer you like best, take away the hops and you don't even have beer as we know and love it, by definition and by law actually! Brew it up and be prepared to become obsessed.
  23. good resource for off-flavors
  24. yankeedag wrote: Hey! Zoby posted! He's alive!!!!! I am.
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