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  1. Most around here condition 4 weeks at room temp after bottling. It's going to be pretty green after only 2 weeks.
  2. No you're not the only one using Booster. I usually add 1/2 pouch to each batch.
  3. It would seem like it would be difficult to get the nut clean inside the keg, especially the bottom 1/2.
  4. Get him! Just kidding. Welcome to the forum.
  5. Sounds like you're on the right track Wolf, welcome to the world's greatest hobby! As was mentioned, mark that last bottle as your trub bottle and drink it first as a tester.
  6. I don't buy the theory that plastic bottles lose carb. I've had 1 1/2 year old beer in plastic with nice carb.
  7. Weird. Never seen that before.
  8. Nathan, if you think the vents might be plugged loosen the lid a bit more so it's ajar.
  9. I quit using brown sugar a few years ago. Seemed like it was giving my beer a funky twang.
  10. Why do my glass bottles get hard so much faster than the PET?
  11. Are you talking about that skunk wearing a popcorn box?
  12. Here's a little hint so that can't happen again. As soon as I get a new can of HME, I take the plastic cap off and put the yeast in a ziploc bag and store it in the fridge. The yeast will store better, and you know you have it. Good Luck.
  13. Good idea. There's no way a mouse could get into the attic.
  14. My Oktoberfest has been in the bottle for months. Just waiting for the mayor of Munich.
  15. I've never removed the hop sack before bottling.
  16. I would not call the HME's sorry, but they do benefit from the addition of more malt. I usually add steeping grains and 1 pound of DME or LME to the HME and maybe some hops depending on which HME I have. And you don't have to drive an hour and 1/2 now that Mr Beer sells most of the extra ingredients that you'll need. Welcome to the hobby. I'm sure you'll be a successful homebrewer.
  17. To me it means adding hops to the lbk after the most active phase of fermentation is over, like 4-7 days before bottling.
  18. I use 3/4 tsp per 12 oz. For the heck of it, try putting a bottle in the freezer for around 20 minutes before you open it. Sometimes that will help reduce your overcarb.
  19. Was the can out dated by chance? They will darken with age.
  20. Zorak? I've been checking the obituaries for months. I thought for sure we had lost you.
  21. English Chocolate makes a nice addition to the Porter & Stout.
  22. Here's a Canadian Blonde that turned out great. 8 oz carapils steeped 1/2 bag Booster 1 lb amber dme 3/4 oz Northern Brewer German hops, boiled 10 minutes in dme and left in wort Canadian Blonde HME Mr B yeast
  23. Going up to 8% abv is pretty drastic. Best advice around here is to make a few batches as is so you get the process down.
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