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  1. They discontinued Argentine Cascade hops. So they eliminated all recipes that used them. I don't understand why they didn't just substitute a similar hop rather than drop 40% of their recipes.
  2. The guys at Northern Brewer told me not to store cracked grain more than a week no matter how you try to seal it. I too have always wondered if it gives the beer a bad taste, or just doesn't do it's job.
  3. A very minor bump on the road to a great beer.
  4. After emptying the bottle I wash it with a drop of anti bacteria hand soap and rinse several times. Works for me.
  5. more beer here wrote: You can warm the honey in the microwave so that it is thinner and easier to pour but I just use an infant syringe that I bought at CVS Pharmacy but I am sure you can get one just about anywhere ( Local Pharmacy,Grocery Store ,Wal -Mart ect.) and I use the standard MB measurements .It has never failed me yet and I have NEVER had a "bottle bomb".Let me know how it works for you.SLAINTE !! So a teaspoon of honey = a teaspoon of sugar? 3/4 tsp honey per 12 oz bottle?
  6. Zobl wrote: ericg wrote: If you haven't already brewed this up, here is a link to the instructions! Whoa! :ohmy: A secret backdoor link into the recesses of Mr.Beer? Holy Crap! There's like 40 less recipes on their page than last time I looked. Why wouldn't they just substitute something similar for the Argentine Cascades?
  7. Nice! You want to run that by me again how you prime? Do you warm it up so it's thinner? How much per bottle? Thanks in advance.
  8. Gymrat wrote: Ah so you are using 2/3 of the hops after the boil. This looks like an interesting recipe I would like to try sometime. As far as I know all of the MB recipe instructions have you put in the hops after the boil.
  9. truckndad wrote: 1. What Zobl said 2. Another option for sanitizing the spigot is a q-tip dipped in your sanitizing solution and clean the inside of the spigot with that. 3. What Zobl said. Another extra note...as a general rule, your FG is approx. 1/4 of your OG. So if your OG is 1.060, your FG will end up around 1.015 give or take a little bit. That's my hangup on drawing a sample for OG. I've got the spigot cleaned and sanitized before filling the fermenter. Now I draw a sample through it and it will be potentilly unclean for 3 weeks. Seems like a chance for bad things to happen. Am I over cautious? It doesn't seem like you can do that good a job resanitizing with a Q tip.
  10. Funny you should ask. 2 days ago I bought a fridge w/o freezer for my beer. It costs more than a fridge with freezer because it's not very common, but has a lot more useable fridge space.
  11. The box was shipped from Wisconsin so it's irrelevent if the cans get damaged coming from New Zealand. Those should be discarded in Wis. Anyway, I called MB, they told me to email them a picture which I did but haven't heard back from them.
  12. Out of 11 cans only 3 were not dented. Several so bad around the rim there'll be no way to use a can opener on them.
  13. yankeedag wrote: take a few pic's and send in the email. odds are, you can still use them, but MB is very user friendly. Some are so bad I won't be able to use a can opener on.
  14. Just got my order from the 25% off sale. Looks like they took a sledgehammer to the cans before packing. Anybody have advice as to how bad they can be dented and still usable? Will call them tomorrow.Very maddening.
  15. I start with the MB recipes as a base and then tweak them. No way I will live long enough to make all 186 of them. Haven't had one yet I didn't like.
  16. truckndad wrote: Brewing For Dummies is another good one. I tried to read that one but it was over my head.
  17. I told em that a year and a half ago when I got my first kit. Why are we farting around with a can opener when we buy soup with a pop top?
  18. Just had my trub bottle of Otto's. Gawd that's good (or else I'm extremely biased toward my own beer.) Will move the rest into the fridge now for a month.
  19. Are you sure you filled the keg up to the 8.5 qt mark? One other thing is during bottling when the keg is almost empty I put a book under the back to tilt it so I get all the liquid out. But that certainly wouldn't account for being 2 liters short.
  20. Message board Bylaws clearly state that you must go 1 month without home brew if you post in the wrong category.
  21. What they said. Looks like you're headed towards your first great beer. You really can't go wrong with the Creamy Brown UME. That stuff is awesome. And just 1/4 cup of brown sugar's not enough to put you out of range for too much sugar.
  22. Even though the yeast are dormant there must be other things happening during cold conditioning because the beer seems to continue improving with a month in the fridge.
  23. docpd wrote: I am beginning to wonder if what we are all describing as the "MB taste" is really the same thing. There are many things that can cause off tastes, and none of us has had the chance to sample each other's beers. Some of us use MB yeast, others don't. Some add DME, others not. I don't see a clear common element here. Perhaps it is a combination of factors, including the drinker's own sensitivity to malty, yeasty, or even ester flavors. But to me it's not an "off taste" as the beers all have been great. It's more of a common taste that every batch seems to share.
  24. Right now I've got Otto's Oktoberfest and Brew Ha Ha conditioning. Theses are my first 2 batches not using MB yeast (US-05 instead.) It will be a month before I can report the results.
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