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    That's weird. Have you drank any other bottles from this batch? If so, were they supercharged?
  2. Sweetening an IPA is kind of defeating the purpose of an IPA.
  3. 1/2 lb of amber malt (or a smooth LME pack) goes great with the Bew. AA.
  4. Every batch is different. A lot of times you'll see floaters. I'm sure you'll be fine.
  5. Either way works. It's just that stirring gives another opportunity for an infection.
  6. If it's flat and not sweet, go ahead.
  7. Did not know that about the cold temp and oxidation. Maybe that's why my bubbly bottles were OK?
  8. Congrats Mr Mizer! That is a fine looking brew indeed. The first of many I hope.
  9. I've had the stick on thermometers on my lbk's for 7 years w/o problems.
  10. I carbed/conditioned my last 2 batches in the basement at 65. The plastic bottles didn't get hard until the 4 week mark. If you move them to an upstairs bedroom, make sure the bottles are in something like a cooler or tote in case of rupture. It's rare, but does happen.
  11. IDK. On my last 2 batches, for whatever reason the beer came out of the spigot super fast into the first bottle. I ended up with a bunch of bubbles at the top of that bottle. So I marked that bottle with a note about the possible oxidation. 5 weeks later I drank it and it was just as good as the non bubbly bottles. This was true for both batches.
  12. 3/4 teaspoon is a reasonable starting point.
  13. It may seem like 50 years at first, but trust us, 4 weeks of conditioning is well worth the wait.
  14. I think it's about right. Go a little less on stouts and porters.
  15. I asked the same question 7 years ago and they still haven't made the chart proportional. FWIW I use 1.25 tsp per half liter and 2.5 tsp per liter.
  16. Many times I've used 4 oz Carapils + 4 oz Caramel 10 or 20. Other times I've used 4 oz Carapils + 4 oz Chocoalte. Don't know that I'd use 4 oz Chocolate + 4 oz Crystal. Depends on which Crystal and what you want. You could use half and use the other on another batch.
  17. Like I've said many times, if I hadn't found this forum I'd probably still just be making standard refills. (not that there's anything wrong with that)
  18. I've conditioned plenty of batches in the basement at mid 60's. It does work, as long as you're aware it's going to take a long time.
  19. If I understood your question, you're going to re refrigerate when you get there. That will work.
  20. I started with a 3 qt but soon outgrew it. Now I use a 6 qt. The only problem with that is my clip on thermometer now doesn't reach down far enough so I have to start with quite a bit of water to bring it up to the thermometer.
  21. Summer Shandy is the most vile substance on earth. I had one sip of it once and almost puked.
  22. Nothing wrong with clear bottles as long as you keep them in the dark.
  23. That's a strange one with the 2 packs. It says 2 are included in the kit, and they sent 2 so I doubt it's a typo, but there doesn't seem to be a purpose. Maybe Josh will chime in Monday.
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