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  1. When I sanitize the keg and run some sanitizer through the tap, I run some onto the can tops and let them set awhile. It can't hurt. It's been brought up before but I buy canned dog food in cans with pull rings on the lid. It would solve the problem if Mr Beer came that way.
  2. Why not just use the caps that came with the Coke bottles?
  3. I'm a farmer. When I put wet corn in a silo it ferments. Just corn + water.
  4. PmdBama wrote: hm. that actually brings up another good question. if this is the case, why, instead of the 2-2-2 recommendation do we not go for 2-4 then chill for consumption? 2-4 works fine.
  5. I used the Mellow Amber UME with Vienna Lager. Taste was pretty good but the color was way too dark for an Octoberfest. Almost black.
  6. I'm still wondering why DRock advised me to not steep CaraPils till I understand what style beer it goes best with. From what I understand it has no affect on flavor, only head and foam. Thoughts?
  7. They'll condition at room temp as well if not better than in the fridge. It's not like you condition in the fridge 2 weeks and then there done and you take them out. It's best not to lower, raise, and lower the temp of beer.
  8. My Snow Drift is warm conditioning now. The taste test and aroma at bottling time were awesome. Best of all I brewed it during a blizzard.
  9. The good news is you're going to fill them with beer again anyway.
  10. steelcitysj wrote: Ok thanks for the help on my last problem .. but need help hopfully last time. I capped my brew added the correct amount of sugar and capped the plastic bottles turn up down side a few times and stored them. They sat for a week tryed 1 last night had a little pss but no head when poured. Is a week to soon for west caost pale ale . I left the remaining bottles stored til i hear from the helpers. Thanks Carb them at room temp for 2 weeks. You should then condition them for 2 more weeks, either at room temp or in the fridge. Then they should be good to go.
  11. I'm suspicious that when I call Mr. Beer and press #3 to talk to the brewmaster, I'm getting the same person as if I press #1 to place an order.
  12. I just use Wal Mart honey. I don't boil it. I mix it into the water after the water boils. I don't think there's apt to be germs in honey.
  13. Forgot to tell you that I told her I've also seen posts on this board saying that keg temps rise. She says you guys are all wrong.
  14. Not trying to be argumentive, but I asked the Mr.Beer brewmaster this same question by phone a while back and she said it's impossible for the fermentation process to raise the temp inside the keg.
  15. I drain every drop I can from the keg when bottling. The last bottle will be milky but eventually settles out. Don't try to mix it, then the whole bottle will taste funny. Just pour gently into a glass and leave the sediment in the bottom of the bottle.
  16. You'll need one of the packets of One Step to sanitize bottles on bottling day.
  17. I too had a batch that was fizzy like soda pop. It helped a little to put the bottle in the freezer for 15 minutes before pouring.
  18. I've got 2 batches bottled in plastic soda pop bottles. I put them in a cooler with the lid on just to ensure darkness while carbing. After 2 weeks I took the lid off and there was a beer smell coming from the cooler. Does this mean the bottles aren't totally sealed? Or can air come through plastic albeit at a very slow rate? The bottles and cooler were clean going in.
  19. After a year of making standard and deluxe refills my first 2 recipes, Augsburg Dark and Jamaica Mon, were ready for this weekend. Wow! I can honestly say you can't buy beer that good. Gotta give the edge to the AD. A little nicer aroma and head retention. Can't wait for my Snow Drift to finish up.
  20. I put my bottles in a cooler during carbing just in case one would blow.
  21. Just bottled my Snow Drift too. The aroma was awesome. Wish I was computer savy enough to post pics.
  22. Mmm Beer wrote: As far as fridge conditioning, should the bottles be standing? Or is it ok to lay them down? Reason being, I have an old Pepsi machine...with the door you open and you pull out your product..yes in holds beer. The beers lay on their side while they chill. Sweet little setup, but can I condition them that way? Thanks. It's better to stand them up so the sediment goes to the bottom of the bottle, not the side.
  23. deuce31779 wrote: looks like beer taste like beer smells like beer HOT DOGS I MADE BEER What are beer hot dogs?
  24. You're supposed to carb at the same temp you brewed at, around 70. The one in the fridge will never carb.
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