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  1. Maybe someone can help a relative newcomer who's never made a recipe before, just refills. I'm debating between 2 dark recipes: Snow Drift= HCCD + Creamy Brown, or Monkeys Dunkel= VL + Creamy Brown. Suggestions please.
  2. I'm looking at the capper and caps at Northern Brewer and they have oxygen absorbing caps to absorb O2 from the headspace. Has anybody tried them and is there any point to them? Thanks
  3. Anyone use the capper from Mr. Beer? I'm thinking about buying one and just wondering about the quality and ease of use. Thanks
  4. doc03 wrote: The 1st West Coast Pale Ale was good compared with the average American beer such as Bud or Coors. My second batch was the Brew Ha Ha Bock recipe and it was better and had some kick to it. I just opened my 3rd the Howlin' Red Ale recipe and it is great. I had some Killian Red in the fridge and it beats it hands down, better flavor and head. I had much better carbonation on this batch than the other two, don't know why. The only real difference I can figure was on the first two I used 20 oz. brown plastic A&W bottles. This time I used 12 oz. long neck glass bottles. I followed the priming sugar guidelines in the Mr. Beer instructions 1 1/4 teaspoon for the 20 Oz. and 3/4 tsp. for the 12 Oz. bottles. I don't have a hydrometer on the West Coast Pale Ale I brewed for 14 days and on these last two batches I brewed 20 days. I just started a 4th batch of 2 Hellenbock on July6. :woohoo: What's in Howlin Red Ale?
  5. SeaBrew40 wrote: It's the first time it's happened, and it was a horrible experience. I had my bottles all out and ready to go, I poured a sample and knew something was awry on the first sniff. Took a sip, waited, then another. Then poured another glass. I was in such denial because I refused to throw away a batch, hoping "conditioning" would help it, that it would be ok... but it was way past that. Took one last sip and had to spit out. Good thing my temp controller for my lager fridge comes Tuesday, I need to start another batch ASAP! I'm afraid to tell my family I was so upset. The room I brew and carb in is now at 78 F. Not much I can do about it. I did a taste test and it tasted weird, but not like solvent. Didn't have to spit it out. Hopefully it's not ruined. I just started brewing in January and have had good luck. Maybe this will have to be only a winter hobby.
  6. Did the taste test. Did not gag, but it had a very different taste than the other brews. Not sure what to expect as this is the first brew with UME. Bottled it, looks pretty good in the bottle. Thanks
  7. I've made 4 batches so far, all standard brews with good success. I shine a flashlight behind the keg every few days and at about 2 weeks the liquid goes from foggy to clear at which time I bottle. The brew I'm doing now is Red Ale + Mellow Amber. At about 2 1/2 weeks when I shine the light behind it I can't see a thing, as if the liquid has turned black. Any ideas what is happening? Is it alright? Thanks
  8. I've made 4 batches so far, all standard packs using the PET bottles that came with the kit and the priming sugar amount in the instructions. They've tasted great but I have a problem with the carbonation petering out after I pour it in the glass a while. It may start with a nice head but shortly the bubbles stop rising. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. I've made 4 batches so far. When ever I serve some to friends they're skeptical at first and then end up drinking a couple glasses and say it's a lot better than expected.
  10. After brewing 4 standard brews successfully I moved on to Red Ale + UME. After 10 days of fermenting, when the foam went away it left a 1/2 inch layer of scum above the liquid on the side of the fermenter. Since this did not happen on my standard brews I'm wondering if I have a problem? Thanks.
  11. Why is the recommended amount of priming sugar proportionately higher in a 1 liter bottle? The instructions call for 2 1/2 teaspoon in 1 liter, but only 1 teaspoon in a half liter, and 4.5 teaspoon in 2 liters. Any thoughts on this. Thanks
  12. Yankeedag, I've thought about a funnel too but I was wondering if you sanitize it before use then it would be wet and the sugar would stick to it. How do you get around this? Thanks
  13. As a newbie a few months ago I once asked a MR. Beer Brewmaster by phone what temp to condition at. She said she prefers to go straight from carbing to the fridge where they will continue to improve for about 4 months. Many of you seem to disagree with her advice. If what you guys are saying is right, why do you suppose she told me to condition in the fridge?
  14. Darugo, did you use the standard Bewitched, or with the Mellow Amber UME? Also, how much molasses?
  15. Thanks, Eric. One less thing to worry about.
  16. I've been reading about the potential health hazard of a substance called BPA that is in some plastic bottles. Does anyone know if the PET bottles from MR. Beer have BPA in them?
  17. What happens if you fill bottles only half full. I only have 1 liter bottles but I would like to make some with only 1/2 liter of beer in them. Thanks.
  18. I'm not wasting the sanitizer by rinsing the keg with it. Before bottling I rinse the bottles with the sanitizer, then I empty the bottles into a container. After I bottle I pour the container of used one step into the keg and rinse.
  19. That's the beauty of Mr. Beer. It's simple and it yields great results. Other systems require a substantial investment and an engineering degree. I wouldn't be brewing if I had to do that.
  20. Does anybody know what's actually in the sanitizer? I've noticed it works good for rinsing empty bottles and the fermenting keg to get rid of the old beer smell.
  21. Farmer in Minnesota, raise corn and soybeans. Since I started brewing maybe I should be raising barley!
  22. I've had my 3rd batch (Vienna Lager + Booster) in the fermenter for 3 weeks at 70 degrees. It still has a layer of bubbles on top. My first 2 batches were clear by now. How much longer should I wait. Thanks
  23. I'm from MN too. My inlaws from Florida can't get over our use of the word BBQ. Thanks for the replies to my original post.
  24. I'm working on my second batch (HCCD + Booster.) Since I'm not done drinking the first one, I used clear plastic soda pop bottles this time. After 3 weeks in the keg and 2 weeks carbonating, there is a 1/8 inch layer of yellowish sediment on the bottom of the bottles. What is that all about? I didn't see any sediment in batch 1. Or is it just more obvious because of clear bottles. I carb in a dark room. Thanks
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