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  1. That's a strange one with the 2 packs. It says 2 are included in the kit, and they sent 2 so I doubt it's a typo, but there doesn't seem to be a purpose. Maybe Josh will chime in Monday.
  2. I think some of you misinterpreted my post. OP had something come up during brewing and he needed to mix up some more sanitizer. Trying for a helpful hint, I said I pour the sanitizer from the lbk into a SS bowl in case something comes up later. I meant WHILE BREWING. Not that I leave it sit in a bowl forever.
  3. I bottle every batch in to some plastic and some glass and I've never seen a difference in carb.
  4. Brian N, Could you repeat the part where you said that stuff about the thing?
  5. I've never heard anyone say they can taste the difference between glass and plastic.
  6. That's why after I sanitize the lbk, instead of discarding the sanitizer, I pour it into a stainless steel bowl so I have some on hand in case something like this comes up.
  7. Congrats on your first born and welcome to the world's greatest hobby!
  8. Our well water is not very good so I buy spring water at WalMart. @ $.89 per gallon it's just not worth using iffy tap water.
  9. I can't believe your extract instructions said to add the extract to boiling water. Never do that.
  10. Been using clear plastic Coke and Pepsi bottles for years w/o issue. Be sure to keep them in the dark.
  11. There is no way I would denigrate a homebrew by putting it in a Budweiser glass.
  12. Josh, I don't see the plastic paddle you speak of.
  13. gophers6


    You're not supposed to boil the HME. Boiling will change the hop profile. It's already been done for you.
  14. Gawd I love black licorice. When I was a kid we had Black Jack chewing gum. Yum!
  15. It will be ready to drink 4 weeks after bottling. What the guys are trying to say is it will get even better with more conditioning.
  16. I bottle into a mixture of glass and plastic and routinely keep them in the basement for 9-12 months without problem. I've had beer in plastic Pepsi bottles for 2 years with very little degradation. No experience though with oxygen barrier.
  17. Rick and Mike are right about steeping (in most cases.) But I steep for every batch and occasionally get a batch with poor foam.
  18. If it has a vinegar taste it's infected and will never condition out. I've been there.
  19. If you reread the instructions they're still going to say 2 weeks. 3 weeks is better.
  20. That's the oldest (and best) advice on the forum. Start slow. Make a few batches as is to get the process down. Then experiment with additions and modifications.
  21. If I have extra Booster around I'll usually add 1/2 bag per batch. Not going to hurt anything. And it'll bring the abv up to or a little over Mr Beer's estimate for your HME.
  22. You're not still going to have foam like that by dry hopping time.
  23. Prolly get a little body from the unfermentable portion.
  24. I bought a can opener that cuts the top of the can off without puncturing through to the inside and then you just lift the top off. I don't sanitize it because it doesn't contact the inside of the can.
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