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  1. From a fellow newbie with only 1 batch under my belt:Relax. I didn't think mine was doing much in the keg either. After 3-2-2 it turned out great.
  2. I'm a newbie so this might be a dumb question. Is there any problem taking finished beer in the PET bottles on a car trip? Could the jiggling for 5 hours cause bursting? Thanks
  3. I realize we sanitize the tap before brewing, but then it is exposed for 3 weeks during fermenting. Wouldn't there be a chance of infection during this time? Anyone think this is a potential problem or have hints? Thanks
  4. I am a newcomer and am brewing my second batch, HCCD + booster. It has fermented almost 3 weeks and is ready to bottle. I orderred a second set of PET bottles as my first brew is still conditioning. I opened the package today and found there were no bottle caps included. What will 4 weeks in the fermenter to the beer? Do you think I should move my fermenter to a cooler location while I wait several days for the caps to be shipped? Thanks
  5. I am new to Mr. Beer, having brewed only the WPCA that came with it. I'm surprised at how good it is. My next batch will be the wiezen with booster. I like honey wheat beer so I'd like to add honey to this next batch. Any hints on 1.how much, 2.when to add, 3. still use all the booster? Thanks.
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