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  1. Winter Dark is famous for overflows.
  2. The one batch may have had so little krausen that you might not see a residue ring. Doesn't mean your beer won't turn out fine.
  3. There's nothing to be gained by waiting longer. Bottle it. Sometimes you could wait for hell to freeze over and the floaters will still be there.
  4. If your adhesive strip reads 72, that's the temp of the wort, not the ambient temp.
  5. There's a lot of variability as to how much the temp increases during active fermentation. Last time I brewed I made 2 batches the same day and put them in the basement where it's 66 degrees. On day 2 one batch was at 68 and the other was at 76.
  6. Don't you think it's mostly about marketing? If a guy is considering getting into brewing, he's more apt to buy a kit that says you can make beer in 7 days than if it said 7 weeks.
  7. I used to do this using colored electrical tape, but like Rick said, I ran out of colors.
  8. I screw the lid on tight, then loosen 1/8 turn.
  9. You've got to be kidding? What the hell?
  10. I've never replaced a cap in 5 years or so. Other guys replace after 5-10 uses. The trub bottle is fine for drinking, just has more trub in the bottom because it's from the bottom of the lbk. It usually carbs faster because it gets the most yeast.
  11. Something that jumps out at me from that chart is that the priming amount changes aren't proportional. For instance: If a half liter needs 1 tsp, why does a whole liter need 2 1/2 tsp?
  12. There are notches on the side of the top of the keg (where the threads are) that are actually air vents.
  13. Don't be disappointed if your first brew doesn't kick a_ _
  14. It's not like cold crashing is mandatory. If scheduling is an issue you could ferment 21 days and skip the cold crash.
  15. Cripes, I just looked at my profile. I joined here 7 years ago. I guess it's time to retire the original bottles.
  16. Then why did the bottom of the bottle split open?
  17. This thread must have jinxed me! After we went to bed last night we heard a crashing sound in the basement. Told my wife something must have fell. Went down this morning and found the lid from a cooler I keep beer in had been blown off. There was beer splattered on the floor, walls, and ceiling. It was a 1 L PET bottle of Winter Dark that had been bottled 6 weeks ago and it had cracked across the bottom of the bottle. This was a bottle that came with the original kit 5 or so years ago. I'm wondering if the plastic gets brittle with age? I should probably get rid of all my old plastic bottles.
  18. I wouldn't do that. LME is malt, totally different than brown sugar and honey.
  19. I've never had a lid blow off and I can't imagine that being very common. But it's always possible to spring a leak so it's nice to have it in a container of some kind. I use a big aluminum pan. As for the temp, keep in mind the temp inside the lbk will go up some (4-8 degrees compared to the room temp) during the first few days when fermentation is most active. Welcome to the forum.
  20. All this talk about steeping/mashing flaked/instant oats is making my head spin. I've made a few batches where I've steeped Quaker Quick oats. This is rolled oats. I use the quick because it's finer, more surface area. From what I've read above, I might be wasting my time. And yet the steep water turns to an off white slurry and the beer has a nice mouthfeel so it seems like it must be doing something.
  21. I don't know how experienced you are, but the best advice around here for beginners is to make a few batches "as is" so you get the process down. If you add cocoa powder, brown sugar, and vanilla, and it doesn't turn out so hot you won't have any baseline to compare to and see where you went wrong. Hope I don't sound preachy. As for the vanilla, I've added 3 tablespoons of vanilla extract to the Porter in the lbk 1 week before bottling. Turned out good.
  22. I cold crash every batch. It results in significantly less bottle trub. Is it necessary? No.
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