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  1. Anybody heard anything from coopers,any sneek peek from the two,somebody gots to know something.
  2. Spence here, thanks for the tips,just may try a half or whole lb. of the ume next time ,thanks again spence.
  3. This is Spence again asking another TBM question, I brewed up a pilsner and did a 3-2-2 . Yesturday me and some guys open one to see how it would taste, it was real hoppy, not much on real hoppy beers, so my question what do I do to bring the hop taste down a little to blend. I have six more bags of this. The color is perfect, can anybody help with this ,thanks again for any advice.
  4. Hey Skelly Spence here.on that TBM Pilsner mix, I also used a 6 gram pack of muntons to ferment, did it for 3 wks then bottle. Myquestion to you is did your brew look real thin watery looking, I tastedthe brew . tasted kinda good. seems kinda hoppy. justcolor was real light tell me some good about it thanks, Spence
  5. hi dustin, spence here what kinds of equipment did you use to make the small ag for the lbk.
  6. Hi Spence here, just wondering has anybody ever asked mr beer if they could sell one lb.dme and one lb grains to go with the beer kits,this would be nice if they could,then we would have a much better beer. They may not want to do this it may be to much to deal with. Anybody asked for this any thoughts.
  7. Spence here from Roxboro, glad to hear some of guys around the area.
  8. spence here, I brewed a golden light 3.3# of briess lme with a pack of muntons yeasts, after one day of frementing every thing look like it drop out of sight, got up to about 80 degrees when I checked it the next day so put a bottle of ice water 32oz. in cooler to cool now it looks like nothings working need some infor on what to do or is this normal thanks on any kind of help spence.
  9. hi guys spence here, can anybody tell me how long can you ferment a blueberry cider mr beer products. I have heard two weeks to a month, also has anybody brewed this kind of cider, I just wanted to make one these to see how it taste thanks for info spence.
  10. Hey guys spence here, just a question on the cider. I just made a blueberry cider washed up and sanitized real good ,brewed the cider cooled down add the yeast.Last nite cider had signs of fermation, this morning it look like it had stopped also strange odor, maybe need somehelp on this please thanks alot.
  11. Would like to know what kind of beer you could make with this since it being 1.5 gals. or could youdo two cans of beer mix, what Im getting at is one can or twothanks for infor spence.
  12. I need some infor on the old mr beer keg with the air lock can get one for five dollars, need to know what I can brew in it, or is it worth the money thanks for any infor.
  13. Greetings yankeedad, I would like it to be at least 5% and make it in mr beer keg I'm so use to natural light I know it's got to be some mr beer products that can productive,thanks for infro
  14. Hi guys its me old spence don't have a suggestion, but would like to know if anybody have a recipe of a golden straw type beer something like a natural light say around maybe 5%,or any kind of recipe from mr beer. Thanks for any infor. :S
  15. Hey I let mine ferment for three weeks, kinda real cloudy I'm sure this will clear up a bit in one liter bottles and hope for a 6.5% abv.
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