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  1. Hi Jerry. It's best to ferment for 2-3 weeks regardless of whether you add extra malt or dextrose. it is possible to finish initial fermentation in as little as 7 days, but the beer needs time to condition so leave it in the keg for 2-3 weeks, bottle & wait another 4 weeks before you dink them to get the best results. We all cheat & try some at 2-3 weeks which is fine, but you'll see they taste better with time. Brew on, & Merry Christmas to all!
  2. Here's what you do. Add 1 pack of booster to the water while it's cold & stir to dissolve. Bring to a boil, remove from heat, add the High Country & mix well. Fill the keg with cold water to the specified mark & add the wort. Fill with water to the top mark & mix well. Sprinkle in your yeast stir again. Then put it in a dark cool place. for bottling the procedure is the same as before. Leave it 4 weeks in the bottle before drinking for best results & always make a label. Cheers!
  3. Perfectly normal. there are 2 notches on the top to let air vent during fermentation. Otherwise the keg would explode. Also, just tighten the lid so it's snug. Do not over tighten. Brew on, enjoy, & welcome to the obsession.
  4. Hey Tabasco - How's it going? With this new, really lousy beer borg. We've all lost touch. My e-mail is sci-22@msn.com. keep in touch or go to the beer borg. Mr Beer is done This company is really blowing it.. I'll check in just to let everyone know were we are. Cheers, Steve
  5. I've asked this question a few years back to Scott Vaccaro Head Brewer & owner of Capt Lawrence Brewery here in NY. His pale ale is ready to go in 3-4 weeks or less. The reason is they have so much control over the brewing process that they can finish fermenting in 7-10 days. They have a centerfuge , hop back & filtration systems too. The yeast they use & cultivate is top quality & works very predictably. Then they chill in their bright tanks & force carb so it's ready to go immediately. The hard part for the brewer is to make their beers taste good after all they go through after the beers leave the brewery. It's a real science with these guys. Cheers Beer Brothers! :cheers: [attachment=14285]IMG_20121106_183911_2013-07-18.jpg[/attachment]
  6. You got that right. I'll brew every weekend if I can. [attachment=14202]IMG_20130330_143821.jpg[/attachment]
  7. Another funny thing about your topic is that I'm brewing with my best friend tomorrow & he always says, "Whatsamacallit" It drives my wife crazy. :laugh: Here's his pic in a beer label I made. :laugh: [attachment=14200]FalconersFlightExtraPaleAle.JPG[/attachment]
  8. Virgin my ass. You are a brew master. If you want to trade, I'll be more than happy to make it worth your effort. PM or e-mail me. My contact info is right here. If I don't have any home brew ready, you'll get something from Capt Lawrence Brewery. Look them up. Cheers - BLM :drinking:
  9. 3 weeks in the lbk - 4 weeks carbing & conditioning at room temp. Then 2-4 weeks in the fridge for best results. Taste along the way just to see the differences. Cheers & always make a label. Your beers will taste better. [attachment=14199]CombinationIPA.JPG[/attachment]
  10. That is a friggin cool recipe. I will check back to see how it turns out. Please send me a bottle. :gulp: All hail the beer lord. :cheers:
  11. This guy drank the yeast. :laugh: [attachment=14191]crapp.jpg[/attachment]
  12. Alot of comedy here for me so here I go. (Sarcasm) Very good info for temp controls, but the original question was, "Can yeast be added a day or two late?" How did this get into fermentation temp controls? Plus, how did this infiltrate the "New Brewers Frequently Asked Questions Category"? I leave you guys alone for a day or two & look what happens. (Note the sarcasm) This topic has ADD & needs Adderol Ale - The beer that keeps you focused. :gulp:
  13. I'm a sack man. But i like Screwy's idea too. Cheers [attachment=14172]IMG_20130510_181542_2013-07-10.jpg[/attachment]
  14. Your post makes me so happy. It's great to see a new home brewer enjoying their brews. I'm on my 149th batch & I still have those "Lightbulb - Aha" moments on every new brew. Welcome to info central. Make a label & your beer will taste better. :cheers: [attachment=13984]LostDogIPAII.JPG[/attachment]
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