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  1. John, you may have nailed it! The outdoor temperature has gone down the last few weeks and I have no place to store bottles other than right behind the wood stove, and now I'm going away for the holidays it may just sit there at 62 until I get home. I don't think I can justify cranking up the furnace for the beer.
  2. I did use corn sugar on this batch, often I use DME or brown sugar but this was a kit. They probably were refrigerated for only a day or two. And they must have been somewhat carbonated because the PET bottles were semi-rigid. I will look into carapils/foam. I have taken to marking my caps with the month and year that I bought them and although one or two of them might not have sealed properly I can't see that happening to the entire batch. Thanks guys.
  3. Thanks Nick, I just bought 2 cases. That should do me for awhile, especiall if I wash them thoroughly every time.
  4. I batch primed these. And indeed I have had some bottles that take longer than others. I usually put them in the closet and forget about them for weeks and then they are OK. Thanks for your help.
  5. Brian, I could see one or two of the bottles not being properly carbonated, but not the entire batch. I may wait until I come back from Xmas and see how they are doing. I was really wondering if I need to add more yeast for the sugar to feed on. Rick, I know the color has nothing to do with it but I've never had an extract beer that had absolutely NO carbonation.
  6. I have long since stopped brewing Mr Beer, but I still like their 1-quart bottles. Now I see they are not selling them anymore, only the Coopers size that is somewhat smaller. I have found another source but the plastic is SO thin that it bends if you blow on it. So if anybody knows a good source for these I would love to hear from them. But that wasn't my main question. I brewed this Kolsch extract kit from my LHBS, and it krausened up nicely, I racked it into a secondary and then bottled it in my 1-quart plastic bottles. After two weeks and about a month from brew date they are still not exactly firm, I opened one that was firmISH, and found it had absolutely NO head and looked remarkably like it had come out of a dog. It tasted so-so but I do like a little foam on my beer. So I am wondering if I could open each bottle and add one or two carbonation drops and wait, or do I have to find some wheat beer yeast and add that too? Any ideas appreciated.
  7. I swear some of the caps that come on bottles are just junk! The one thing I've found that works is to buy the 1-liter bottles of Ginger Ale and their caps fit well enough for beer. But I think that in the last year there's been some kind of change in the industry and the caps that come on most 20-oz bottles are junk.
  8. I'm thinking about making the leap too, but what I really DON'T want to do is have to wash and cap a zillion 12-oz bottles after the ease of the quarts with the screw-on caps. Does anybody know of a reason why I can't just order more MB quarts and do 5-gallon batches?
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