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  1. I have US-05 and S-04. I like ales. Not a big hop head. I am more of a balanced and malty beer lover.
  2. I have at my disposal 3 bags of Briess extra light DME. 1/2 a bag of sweet orange peel. Amarillo, cascade, Warrior, Glacier, Centennial, Willamette and Us Goldings Hops. This batch will have no MRBeer products in it. Any Suggestions?
  3. yankeedag wrote: I'm thinking you might want to boil them in a wee bit of water, not for sanitiation, but to grab some flavor out. Just a thought mind you... +1
  4. It has been in the bottle carbing for two weeks. I could not stand it. I put the trub bottle of the Tripel and double brown in the fridge this morning. I made both straight up. I just had the tripel and it was freaking awesome. I will try the double brown later. I plan on letting both beers warm condition for a while and the I will have another taste. The tripel packed a little bit of a punch. I am very impressed so far.
  5. Keep us posted. I am considering this one for the pipeline soon.
  6. Go for it, but I would not use the booster.
  7. bpgreen wrote: Gunslinger wrote: I'll be bottling tonight using batch priming. Bought a MB keg just for batch priming purpose. Next time you're in WalMart, go to the housewares section (I know, but do it anyway). Buy one of the 2.5 gallon slimlines. They run about $6 or $7. Use that for batch priming and now you've got an extra fermenter. If used as a fermenter how are you venting the slim line!
  8. bpgreen wrote: drbeer wrote: I think I am in a minority around here, but I'm not a huge hop head. I toned down the hops of the ADIPA with 0.75-1# of light DME. It was probably my favorite brew thus far. Very nice and tasty. You're not alone. I like my beers balanced to slightly malty. +1
  9. Got my fingers crossed . It is churning like a son of a gun in the fermenter. Very vigorous.
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