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  1. It has been in the bottle carbing for two weeks. I could not stand it. I put the trub bottle of the Tripel and double brown in the fridge this morning. I made both straight up. I just had the tripel and it was freaking awesome. I will try the double brown later. I plan on letting both beers warm condition for a while and the I will have another taste. The tripel packed a little bit of a punch. I am very impressed so far.

  2. bpgreen wrote:

    Gunslinger wrote:

    I'll be bottling tonight using batch priming. Bought a MB keg just for batch priming purpose.

    Next time you're in WalMart, go to the housewares section (I know, but do it anyway). Buy one of the 2.5 gallon slimlines. They run about $6 or $7.

    Use that for batch priming and now you've got an extra fermenter.

    If used as a fermenter how are you venting the slim line!

  3. bpgreen wrote:

    drbeer wrote:

    I think I am in a minority around here, but I'm not a huge hop head. I toned down the hops of the ADIPA with 0.75-1# of light DME. It was probably my favorite brew thus far. Very nice and tasty.

    You're not alone. I like my beers balanced to slightly malty.


  4. Brewed up my mystery white powder test batch ADIPA with no adjuncts. I substituted Safale US-05 for MRBEER yeast. The MRBEER yeast went into the boil for yeast nutrient on both batches. All went well. Brewed up my Sweet Orange Witbier. It was my first time using DME. I was pinched up tighter than a snare drum waiting for the inevitable boil over. I managed to make it through the hot break without a mishap, I was watching it like a hawk. Along with the 1 lb Bavarian wheat DME I used Whispering Wheat Weizenbier HME, Golden Wheat UME, Coriander, Sweet orange peels and US Goldings hops, Safebrew WB-06 ale yeast. I was spot on on my OG. Smelled awesome and tasted great. Long day but a fun one. :woohoo:

  5. rniles wrote:

    That's a super awesome wort chiller!! Just a perfect fit for your sink!

    Mind doing a separate post on how you did it?

    Screwy Brewer wrote:

    I made my own wort chiller because I can't stand running to the Acme or Seven Eleven just to buy ice.

    Sanitize he Sink And The Coil Too.

    Plus it works really good and I get to say it's my design. :drinking:

    Tabasco, Thank you for taking the time to post such a well articulated post about brewing in a bag,. I've just recently stepped up to brewing recipes with steeping grains and DME. By reading your post I feel like I can tackle BIAB relatively easy now.

    I would also like to see a thread on this.

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