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  1. TonyK wrote: I have been using three drops per litre bottle. Worked out fine. Thanks for your attention. TonyK Is it a heavy carb or just right.
  2. I have an idea for cutting them. I have a simple idea for cutting them. I will post up the results and method when I get around to trying it out.
  3. I used powdered corn sugar my first batch and it came out well. I still have some on hand. I think i am going to like the drops once I figure the right dosing per specific bottle.
  4. Back from vacation bottled the whispering wheat and finally brewed up my St. Patrick's Irish Stout w/Creamy Brown today. I originally wanted to have this ready for St Patrick's day but due to a accident with the liquid stout yeast I held off on it. (Do not get your smack pack anywhere near a counter corner. When you smack it you will puncture it. :dry: ) I used the hole pack of safale US-05 on this one since I just got saome in a few days ago. It is in the keg and in the JC'ed mini fridge. :woohoo:
  5. I am in experiment mode now. I used 1 drop for the 16.9oz and 2 drops for the 1 litter MRBEER bottle. My next Batch which I whipped up today I am going to use 1.5 for the 16.9 and 3 for the 1 liter bottle and record the results So I will have an idea of what dosage produces what type carb for my bottle size. Light, med, heavy etc. . . I am learning to but i will take a stab at this for you. 64 US fluid ounces = 1 892.70589 ml and 22 US fluid ounces = 650.61765 ml. 1 drop will carb 375 ml. From what I was able to piece together from the replies to this thread and the math. 1.73429804 drops for the 22oz bottle, or round it up to 2 if you like. 5.0472 drops for the 64 oz growler or round it up to 6 if you like. I hope this helps a little.
  6. I had seen else where on the internet that many people were saying that 1 coopers drop sufficiently carbonated a 16.9 bottle of beer. Crazybrody thought the 1 drop in the 12oz bottle was a little high on the carbonation and thought that one might be enough for a 16.9 oz bottle. I used 2 coopers drops on the two 1 liter MRBEER bottles. I was debating on three but did not want to over carb. Three Coopers drops would be enough for 1125 ml of beer. A MRBEER 1 liter bottle is a little less than 1000 ml giving allowance for a little air space in the bottle. I settled on the lower side with two drops. I used 1 for the 16.9 oz bottle. I am hoping that given what crazybrody has shared about the 12 oz bottle that I will be in the ball park.
  7. Cool thanks crazybrody. I guess this will be my carb drop test batch. I will report back on it after it is ready. Here is some info in case any one searches and come across this post so you don't have to search to hard for it. Maybe we can establish a small database of info here. Cooper carb tab dosage 1 per stubbie (375ml) 2 per long neck (750ml) Bottles 16.9 floz bottle is 499.79ml = 500ml MRBEER 1 liter bottle= 1000ml
  8. Did the math and my pet bottles are 16.9 ounces = 500 ml, So they might be under carbed. I jotted down your suggestion s and will revisit them once I see what the end product is. Now the waiting game.
  9. was it severely under carbonated or do you just prefer a stronger carbonation. I went 1 per 16 oz bottle and two per MRBEER liter bottle. I guess if they are under carbed I will bump them both up by 1 drop. I will make sure to add this to my notes.
  10. Do you think 1 coopers carbonation drop is enough for a 16 ounce pet bottle.
  11. ZekesWickedHardCoreBrew wrote: My wife just encouraged me to get my 4th fermentor ...clearance at k-Mart for 25.00 ( it was the whole delux kit !) I have three going at a time right now and one backup ... I can't wait until some of mine conditioning are ready .... I am in a fortunate situation. I do all the cooking and all the brewing. I second the idea of getting a hydrometer and would suggest running satellite for testing purpose so that you are not depleting your beer to test.
  12. Yep, sure do. I am going to let it hit 11 days and then start to take readings.
  13. My Whispering Wheat Weizenbier With Golden Wheat is 9 days in and has a lot of krausen left on top.
  14. BadHorsie


    matt_c wrote: I did the Blue Lightning recipe but I used Whispering Wheat in place of whichever kit they recommended. There is a very faint blueberry taste, there is some aroma though. I think next time I'll wait for the primary fermentation to end before adding fruit. Or just go with an extract. Unfortunately I undercarbed this batch and think I'm going to dump it all. Don't dump it, drink it.
  15. ericg wrote: Hey Dirk, Sorry for the confusion. Anything with 1 can of WW should have about 17-18 IBU. That's our bad. We'll update the ol' website ASAP. :chug: Are you all still in the process of updating the See detail flavor profile for the refills?
  16. So you just sprinkle on top of the wort and that is it. You don't have to mix it.
  17. I am curious why no aeration needed. My US-05 Will be here on 3/11/10 can't wait. I ordered a nice supply of it.
  18. The krausen ring on this one made it all the way to the top of the MrBeer Brew keg. Liquid wheat yeast went to town. :woohoo:
  19. I got my hand on some( should have it in a few days) and think that I will pitch the whole packet in my next batch since it will not hurt anything. The price is fair on it too. I did not want to bother with trying to split it and save the other half. I have read nothing but good things about it and really wanted to try it.
  20. Are you guys pitching the whole 11.5g packet in MrBeer keg or or splitting it in half.
  21. Man the Mr Beer Liquid wheat yeast sure is prolific. It is going to town in the fermenter.
  22. Thanks for the welcome back. Lets see if i can get the pipe line flowing again
  23. Have not brewed in a while. I just put Whispering Wheat Weizenbier w/Golden Wheat and liquid wheat yeast in the fermenter. Today was also my first time using Star San. There really is a lot of foam, but I could hear the Borg whispering in my ear don't fear the foam. I guess we will see how it goes. Wish me luck.
  24. Good to know. I am not sure if I will use it or not. I just did not want it to go to waste. If I like the Cooper Priming tabs I might throw it in a batch to use it up It is not very much left of it.
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