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  1. Just bottled 2 batches in pet bottles. Been a couple of years since my last batch and first using carb drops. I think i may have forgot to put primer in 1 or 2 bottles. Since I used the 740ml bottles, how long before i can tell the ones i missed are not carbing and can I add the drops when i figure out the ones I missed? Second question. I .have 240ml bottles. The carb drop pack says 2 per 750ml bottle. 2 drops OK in a 740ml? Used Mr. Beer Pet's.
  2. As i have stated, I'm getting back to Mr. Beer. When i left they did not have the carb drops. I always used corn sugar. I would like to get some opinions on which one is preferred. Does it matter?
  3. Yes i have been there many times. Nice complete shop.
  4. Thanks for the info. This one will be cooking soon! I lost my ferment closet to the wifes overflow cloths. We have to do some rearranging this weekend. that closet has shelves just right for for Mr. Beer kegs and stays the right temp year around. I can put four ferment-er kegs in there at the same time although it will take me some time to get to that point.
  5. Not sure if this question goes here, but here we go. Rahr and Sons Texas Red is one of my favorites store bought. Any recommendations on MB Clone? I see there are several reds in the kits. Need some recommendations. Nothing fancy just a MB kit that would get me close. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for additional places to pick up HMEs. Will do on the additional LBKs. Just a matter of time!
  7. Just picked up an LBK kit for $36.00 on a close out site. Last one!
  8. Well it's been several years a couple of job changes but i'm back! I have to get my account updated. I sold all my brewing equipment so i will have to restock. Man has the site changed. Seen a lot of things i like. Hope to be brewing by the summer. Any recommendations on equipment or brews? At one time i was running four small fermenters. I like a verity. I prefer Blonds, Amber's, Reds, and Crafts. One of my all time favorites was the cowgirl honey Wheat.
  9. At first i always had an extra 1lt bottle left, then i started filling slightly over the full mark on the mrbeer keg. Did not effect the taste That last bottle is going to be mostly trub, but it will settle to the bottom over time in the bottle and be good drinking. But you shouldn't have over a bottle left.
  10. I keep hearing it's the mrbeer yeast or temps. I control my temps so it must be the yeast or my brews are still in the simple stage. I have played around a little with dme and hops. I made one wheat w/yeast i got at the lhbs and didn't notice a real taste difference Can the more experienced Borgs recommend a few yeast selections for us youngsters to try. Please. Iv'e just always used the yeast supplied cause im cheap :blush:
  11. My first octfest was good. I used amber DME and a little hops. I thought it was one of my best. I have another batch conditioning. But yes you will always get that mrbeer flavor. I asked the same question some time back. I have grown to like that familar taste.
  12. Went to bj's brewhouse last night and had a pumpkin ale. Pretty good but a little sweet for my taste but the wife loved it. Iv'e read the threads on the pumpkin beers. my question is i would like to make a batch for her and as gifts, but don't have the right hme and would like to brew today. What i do have is cowboy lager, bewitched red ale and w.wheat. Should i try on of these as a sub or just make a batch of red ale for my self? I also have an ipa, stout and monk but these don't sound right for a pumpkin beer. Any recomendations.
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