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  1. [url=http://www.midwestsupplies.com/homebrewing-ingredients/recipe-kits/dark-ales/imperial-stout.htm I am fixin to start an Imperial Stout next week . I had looked or an old rasputin clone, most were all AG and not quite there yet . And the one Extract I found was like $80 . So I am using this one as a starting point.reading through it doesnt seem that this will have the strong hop taste . Any suggestions on maybe some hop additions ? thanks in advance m
  2. wow 3 in Ft myers .... PM sent .
  3. Thinking aout priming in the keg as well, I would guess that you would turn on the C02 after the first few were poured to keep equilibrium .
  4. Nope just a lot of reading with a LOT of conflicting information . That and I am lazy as hell. Must all the beer ;-)
  5. Thanks .... Was reading up on the yeast type I used for this brew ad it said to use a rest . However there was no mention in the brewing instructions and it is not a lager . So I am thinkin it sould be ok .
  6. Ok , so break this one down for a slow southern boy . what is a diacetyl rest ?
  7. So I brewed my first porter on the 31st . OG was a little bit high at 1.055 vs 1.052 . Used a starter with 1187 ringwood ale . Got krausen within the first few hours and it held untill this morning , its seems a little quick to me . We did have a little bit of a cold snap last night but I didnt get below 68 in the house. Is this normal , or should a wait a day or so and repitch ? Suggesti ons ? Thanks M
  8. So , Ive come across a craigs list stash of coney kegs . So I was wondering if i could use one or two for some long term conditioning . Ive got two heavys that I want to set up fro next christmas . All the seals have been replaced and pressure tested , I know to purge out the 02 , and I plan of force carbing when the time comes . Pros / Cons M
  9. i had originaly used flip tops . At 6 months I go no carbonation . Flipped it over to a keg , then still had with carb, and had to keep upping the pressures . But finally got it right a just over 15psi.
  10. tell ya what for all the trouble this one gave me , I just had a few Christmas eve . After fussing with the carbonation levels a bit , it was freaking awesome . Gonna brew up a Bigfoot Barleywine clone and let it go till next christmas ,,,,,if i can wait that long .
  11. No worries . In fact one of the batches the I have kegged right now is a 2.5 gallon batch in a 5 gallon keg . Carbed up just fine , used a little more c02 doing it this way but had no problems . My though is this if you going to go to 5 gallon batches eventually the cost of a little more co2 is minor . I just picked up 2 reconditioned Coney kegs for $65 , and a full set up with regulator bottle , tap and keg or $140 .
  12. SO , I am considering racking to a keg instead of another carboy . Ive read sevearl different methods of doing this and am considering the following . Racking to a cleaned and sanitized keg . Purge to seal to seat top and purge 02 . Here is where I get hung up ,do I constant pressure or turn off c02 untill a few days before desginated conditioning time ?
  13. Yup.. I am in Ft Mysery . Ive gone by WOB a few times and every time its wayy too packed for my tastes . Looks like an interesting Beer menu though.
  14. So I checked on a batch of Barleywine that I bottled back in June . Most of it was bottled in Liter bottle and then a few pints as a control batch . I popped on of the smaller bottles and nothing . It tasted fine but no fizz ... So since this had a few more weeks of conditioning left , would it be a mistake to just keg it and carb ? any down side ?
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