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  1. Be Happy in your Brewing
  2. If you look....there are little slots cut out under the lid.
  3. One can of OREGON Cherries in water. Available at wal mart and krogers. Puree like crazy. I also like to add a couple drops of cherry extract to each bottle.
  4. I brewed my Fire in the Hole with 5 Jalepenos and 2 Habaneros that came from my small garden. It's definately got the heat. :ohmy:
  5. MBs "Grillin' Time" is a fine brew. It uses liquid smoke. I will make it again. :gulp:
  6. Finally got around to brewing my Dubbel today. As suggested, I added 1 cup of brown sugar and I pitched the whole pack of yeast. OG-1.060 @ 70 Now comes the hard part.......the wait
  7. Welcome to the addiction!! :cheer:
  8. You have been assimilated :borg:
  9. Welcome to the obsession :cheer: Remember....patience is of utmost importance
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