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  1. Be Happy in your Brewing
  2. If you look....there are little slots cut out under the lid.
  3. One can of OREGON Cherries in water. Available at wal mart and krogers. Puree like crazy. I also like to add a couple drops of cherry extract to each bottle.
  4. I brewed my Fire in the Hole with 5 Jalepenos and 2 Habaneros that came from my small garden. It's definately got the heat. :ohmy:
  5. MBs "Grillin' Time" is a fine brew. It uses liquid smoke. I will make it again. :gulp:
  6. Finally got around to brewing my Dubbel today. As suggested, I added 1 cup of brown sugar and I pitched the whole pack of yeast. OG-1.060 @ 70 Now comes the hard part.......the wait
  7. Welcome to the addiction!! :cheer:
  8. You have been assimilated :borg:
  9. Welcome to the obsession :cheer: Remember....patience is of utmost importance
  10. +1 Leave 'em in. As Trollby said, pull the sack out of the boil and put into the LBK so there's no splash.
  11. Welcome, MFD!! "Patience, grasshopper."
  12. Welcome to the obsession
  13. Last year I placed a couple of orders to Omaha Steaks. The items came in a large styrofoam cooler w/dry ice. The coolers are perfect for a MrBeer keg and some blue ice. I use a digital thermometer with a corded probe. I set the cooler upside down. Fermenter goes on lid, with temp probe. Run cord outside, place cooler on lid. Bingo, works like a charm. Did my Spring Maibock batch this way. Rotated blue ice, morning and night to maintain lager temps.
  14. Yes, I added the priming sugar before the cold crash. Oh, well, it's a lesson learned. I'm just sorry the lesson was with the Spring Maibock. I'll just let 'em sit now, and we'll see.
  15. Just bottled my Spring Maibock and this was the first time for batch priming and cold crashing. Question is...I batch primed into a slimline, then cold crashed it in the fridge. Did I get the order wrong? Should I have cold crashed the MB keg, then batch primed into the slimline for bottling?
  16. Just ordered mine!! Only problem is that my Dr. said I needed to stop drinking for a while, so my liver enzymes will come down. He can't treat my high cholesterol as long as my enzymes are high I can still brew, just can't drink it. Friends are popping up everywhere to take my stock off my hands. They're afraid it will go bad
  17. Is there any way to run a MB cider through QBrew? Just finished putting together "Aunt Emma's Autumn Elixir". Followed instructions, except added, by mistake, 1 cup of honey instead of the listed 1/2 cup of honey. OG 1.048
  18. Sorry beerdrinker, I guess I was asking TMed, thinking he started the thread.
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