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  1. I made one of these as well. Works wonders to clean the lines.
  2. My whirlpool arm works great! your looks exactly like mine.
  3. I dont think removing the shelves will work sorry...
  4. Oh ya and my heat sinks dont get hot at all... you are using the heat sink compound between the ssr and heatsink right?
  5. Well my first brew day went great! I brewed a black butte porter clone that ive been wanting to do forever. Brew day went as planned. I did have a little bit of a problem when i was recirculating at first. I had the pump pretty much wide open and i ended up creating a vacuum. I couldnt even lift the bag out. So i just turned down the pump and it worked perfectly. I think because of this i ended up with almost a little scorching on my elements. It was basically just goo'd up and stuck on it. It didnt smell burnt or anything. The one thing that i dont quite like about my build is the heatsticks. i realized that i cant really put the lid on tight. I believe that i would be able to heat faster and keep a little more heat in if my lid wasnt propped open the whole time. Other than that i am super excited about it. It was my first brew with an electric brewery, first brew with a water filter, first brew with an oxygen system, and one of my first with a temp controlled fermentation. So basically im saying that i have high hopes for this beer. Lets hope i dont get dissapointed.
  6. i use the paint can heater as well. works wonderfully
  7. If youre having priming issues this is what i would do. Have all youre lines and pump connected. Hold the line so its facing up open to the air as not to create an airlock, pretty much like a sight glass. and keep all valves open and then fill youre vessel.
  8. Looking good Russki! Here is my progress so far! What were you gonna use in the hole that you plugged? And how did you plug it?
  9. Dude this is awesome! Im trying to find some time to get started on mine. I have my heatsticks built just need to start and finish the panel.
  10. Ya thats what i thought. I was just confused that the EPO came with both blocks. it looks like you just choose which one to use
  11. All my auberins stuff came. Well except for my emergency stop switch which i apparently forgot to order. I noticed that the EPO switch on the diagram i am using says to add another module switch box. My question is which one do i buy, an NO and/or NC? I posted this over on homebrewtalk too. Which did you order Russki?
  12. Looks good. I should be getting my auberins stuff soon. really excited to start building.
  13. I suppose i could mount one element in the pot and use a heatstick for the other. I just didnt want 2 huge holes in my pot cause i will probably move to a 240v system in the future. Did those punches work for the hole for mounting the element? I think im gonna solder on a welding spud when i get to that point so i dont know if the punch will be big enough. I have a big plastic NEMA box that im going to use instead of the metal auberins one. It should be plenty easy to drill holes and cut squares. I just hope i can find the time to wire this thing up so i can get back to brewing.
  14. Just ordered pretty much everything i need to build this. Im going to use 2 heatsticks and Im going to be adding a timer to my panel as well. Have you made any more progress?
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