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  1. Well, following the advice on this forum helps. Just taste-tested the last two batches even though it's about a week early for both. First up was the Brew Ha Ha. Still had that Mr. Beer twang that has been driving me crazy (and about drove me away from Mr. Beer altogether.) The Mr. Beer taste is so frustrating. To me it's so noticeable that it seems like all mr. beer is the same with subtle differences. Frustrated, I cracked a bottle of a little recipe I came up with myself using OVL, LME and a **% ton of cascade hops. To anyone reading this who's been frustrated with the Mr. Beer twang, i'm telling you, HOPS are the solution. The taste is still noticeable, but I'm obviously on the right track. Head retention was amazing as well.
  2. dpip75 wrote: Hey PmdBama! Me too, Brewing beer is in the same family with food, and I can make a mud pie make you slap yo mama! I have been cooking since the tender age of 6, and you do start off using a pre-made ingredient, but then you evolve. So just ask the internet beer bros and just walk in the LHBS and get what you need. Don't ask them anything. When I do, the guy says nothing or a one word answer leaving me to guess. Screw that! Exactly. I do my research here and get what I need there.
  3. thanks guys. the brew is actually nothing particularly exotic. just a OVL with 2lb LME with a 60/20/5 min hop boil, but I did use a whole packet of safale yeast. and it is in a cooler.
  4. I've got two kegs going now and one just foamed over. I need clean up advice. Obviously, I wiped down the sides, but what's the status of my beer? Am I at risk of spoilage? Should I remove the lid and clean it out?
  5. Ditto that. Definately strong on the savory. I will say, as was stated before, that being a good chef makes definately helps in the way of having a strong palate, which, I think is essential for brewing.
  6. i'll be honest. the brush off i got from my LHBS when I told them I was starting with Mr. Beer actually forced me to do my own research and understand the mechanics of brewing. I doubt I would have forced myself to learn as much had I bought their kit and started brewing one of their can't miss AG recipes. don't get me wrong, I plan on getting into 5G grain batches soon, but I wont be abandoning the MrB. and I'll have a head start on understanding what exactly I'm doing. I'll actually quote him. "Brewing from all extract is like taking a can of Spaghettios, heating it up, and saying you made pasta." I corrected him. I said brewing from an extract is like making spaghetti using dry noodles and Prego. It's up to you from there. Do you add ingredients and learn how to make a better sauce? Do you become fascinated and learn to roll your own pasta? How the ingredients work with or against each other in different proportions? Or do you stick with what you've got?" I pointed out that that's how I learned to cook (and I'm a hell of a chef now). Started with a can of Prego and began tweeking the recipe, learned all I could and from there. Funny. He didn't have a response.
  7. Just wanted to jump in and second this. I just had a situation where half the bottles were in the fridge and the other half were left out due to space restrictions. Just tasted one of the latter last night, and I can say there is a huge difference and improvement.
  8. Sir Humphrey S. Edmund wrote: I feel like I detect more than just the cascades going on there, though I could be wrong. Seems more earthy than some other pale ales I've had. Could be the bittering hops, but I'm not sure if much/any of their flavor would still be around. This might be of use. http://www.sierranevada.com/beers/paleale.html lol. yes. that would have been helpful. maybe i should have done my research first. for the record, i just used the vienna lager, 2 lb pale DME and a 60/20/5 min boil with cascade. I split the DME in half to boil the hops so as not to over-darken it. according to qbrew, my batch should actually come out pretty close, but next time I'll take into account the hops listed on that page. I'll let you guys know how she turns out.
  9. I'm wanting to do a Sierra Nevada-ish (note I did not say clone) batch. They're heavy on the Cascade hops (which I have laying around). I'm picking up some pale DME this afternoon and was wondering which MrB HME you guys would suggest to get close? Any ideas? I've got an international variety pack plus a can of WCPA laying around.
  10. on a related note, if the bottles in the fridge are indeed under-conditioned, should i pull them out and let them sit at room temp, and try and get the yeast to wake up for a little while?
  11. ok, and the conditioning at room temp makes me feel a little better now that I realize I've got six sitting in a cooler in the bathroom. maybe i'll throw one in the fridge to taste tonight. I'll let you guys know the results. Thanks so much for the input. This clears things up. Heading to the LHBS today and will be brewing up a couple batches with your advice in mind.
  12. hm. i had no idea. i thought that DME was basically a dried version of UME.
  13. I'm three batches in and am getting a little frustrated, and I'm hoping you fellas can help me out. I'm on my third batch, and none have really come out where I really enjoy them. Definately yeasty, malty beers with low head retention. I'm not looking for an award winning beer, just something I'm proud to share with friends (most of whom are beer drinkers.) Batch 1 was an Englishman's nut brown with booster and brown sugar. Brown sugar was the culprit. Batch 2 was an Englishman's nut brown with DME. Better, the problems mentioned above still existed, although the mouthfeel was much better. Batch 3 is basically Howlin' Red Ale but with a DME as a substitute for the MrB UME. All of the batches adhered to the 2-2-2 method with the exception of a few bottles from the third that are still conditioning room temp (due to limited fridge space). I bought two international series variety packs at BBB, so the next recipe with come from them plus what I can gather at the LHBS. I guess what I'm looking for is either a correction on what I'm already doing (according to MrB instructions and recommendations) or a sure-fire recipe with what I've got on hand, keeping in mind, I'm not afraid of boiling hops, etc... Sorry for the long post, but I'm looking for success!
  14. hm. that actually brings up another good question. if this is the case, why, instead of the 2-2-2 recommendation do we not go for 2-4 then chill for consumption?
  15. what, if any, are the results of removing bottles from the fridge after conditioning? I ask this because I've got a batch that's conditioned for three weeks, and I've got another batch that needs to go in, and I'm limited on space. If I remove the conditioned bottles, do I need to re-condition for a couple weeks again, or just throw them back in the fridge to chill to taste?
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