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  1. Everyone else answered the rest of your questions except for the sugar addition. That depends on if you want it carbonated. I just bottled my Dandelion Mead last night, I used 4 12oz glass beer bottles (with priming sugar) and 2 wine bottles (without priming sugar). So I cant really tell you which is best yet, but my thoughts were that either way it will be good. Carbed should be served cold, and non-carbed should be served at room temp or chilled.
  2. If you are indeed using shiitake mushrooms then i think the blender and boil in hop sack sounds good. But if you are just trying to avoid confrontation and say you are using shiitake mushrooms instead of magical ones then skip the boil. Heating them up takes the magic right out of them. If im off then completely ignore my comment and continue doing your thing, but thanks for the great idea... shroom beer... hmmmmm
  3. How long do you leave the yeast in the DME/water before pouring it in the wort? Until it starts to bubble?
  4. One question. When bottling, do you guys shake your bottles to dissolve the priming sugar or do you roll it around, or whats your strategy? Just wondering if there is enough oxygen in the bottles to screw up my brew if its shaken.
  5. Looks delicious man. Definitely gonna try making some mead soon.
  6. I too have been looking into mead. Is it better carbonated than flat? I just got a ton of wine bottles, so Im thinking of doing a mead wine and put them in the wine bottles. Anyone have an opinion?
  7. Use the UME and booster for whichever you like more, and save the other for a different time when you have more UME/DME/LME.
  8. I know this is just a basic easy wine, but wine is supposed to have some oxygen exposure, the corks and even the rubber corks are designed to allow a tiny bit of air flow. I've made wine with bakers yeast with great results, the thing about ale yeast is it is cannot handle too high ABV. So your wine might not get your desired ABV. I love me some prison wine though.
  9. Your brews won't condition much in the fridge. So I say you let them sit at fermented temps for a couple months so that they can condition and then set them in the fridge. Just my opinion.
  10. So if you boil Light LME for 60 minutes it gets darker? Does it affect the taste at all? Last question, does this also apply to DME?
  11. I've recently started steeping grains using my Mr. Beer keg, and they turned out great. I don't see any reason you couldn't even do an all grain in a Mr. Beer keg. Just my opinion...
  12. I don't understand the hot break, why do you have to boil it past the hot break. Does that mean its completely dissolved in the water? I've used DME and I never really payed attention to the "hot break". Is it really necessary?
  13. I think the reason we get different carb levels in a batch would be due to the different ammounts of yeast in each bottle. Right? But agreed, good idea, but i think i might just stick to easy, cheap cane sugar since i have never had problems and like the results.
  14. You can use whatever you want, in whatever you want. Basically DME and LME are the same, I guess its just preferance. I use DME cause its really easy to store, and living in colorado I definitely don't have to worry about moisture. As for the sugars, same thing. You can put whatever in whatever, but adding brown sugar to a light beer, will infact make it a little darker and add darker taste qualities, so I guess thats where your own judgement and taste preference comes in.
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