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  1. i found some beer flavorings on this site..including blueberry..hope it helps for your next batch..thanks for the input. http://brewgadgets.com/beeradditives.htm
  2. after cleaning the bottles i place my bottles standing up on the upper rack.you get more of them in that way..making sure you have the rack set at the propper height for clearance.on the bottom rack i place a pan of water..usually hot water,so it speeds the evaporation. .bake at 325 or so for an hour.turn off oven and let cool.everyone has their own method.this one is the easiest for me.. :cheers:
  3. here is a list of different kinds of priming possibilities. http://brewgadgets.com/beeradditives.htm
  4. if you place a pan of water in the bottom of the oven as you are baking, your oven it will act like an autoclave,much like a hospital would do for medical instruments. it will create a steamy enviroment and get those bottles ready for use..i work in a va hospital down here in good ole' washington d.c. . i've done it and it seems to work well..
  5. thanks..sounds good. .by adding syrup instead of another primer will it change the abv enough to notice? i would imagine you get a more distinct blueberry finish with the syrup.
  6. i'm currently fermenting a peach wispering wheat,( mr beer kit+peaches in light syrup), and i started thinking about what process the fruit undertakes during fermentation...this is my first fruited beer attempt. does adding fruit up the possibilities of contaminate the batch?.. can the fruit rot in the keg if in too long? how can you tell if your beer is contaminated? andy
  7. the darker the bottle,the less light will penetrate.i use the mr.beer flippies for the last 3 cases i have brewed and i think they work well. they are 16 ounce bottles that are pretty tough and it seems i get about 16 bottles per mr beer keg.. personally,i think they are worth it. i have looked around online for better prices on the same style,and it seems mr beer has some of the better quality bottles. just my personal opinion..good luck :popbeer:
  8. funny you should say that you found some mixes that are old..the ones i have are not as old as yours..i recieved a mr beer kit christmas gift a few years ago and i never opened it..after brewing my first batch a few weeks ago,i decided to look at the expiration dates on the other remaining mixes and yeast i had...and they expired in aug of 08..well of course i started wondering if i had brewed a bad batch..to my surprise everything is going great..it has good taste and is fermenting and producing a bit of carb in the keg with no problem. of course we will see the ending taste result a bit later on..
  9. when you batch prime, is it best to match the exact temp of the priming solution to that of the brew you are ready to prime as not to raise or lower the brew temp.. would there be a certain temp range to stay within?
  10. thanks for the info. i helps a great deal...i'm looking forward to bottling my firstbatch of canadian pale ale this weekend.. again..i'm new to this site and home brewing..it's good to know that people share this love of cold suds...happy brewing and happy holidays...may santa place a mr beer kit under all your trees...
  11. can you prime with booster..it is corn sugar..right?
  12. i just recieved a case of the glass mr beer bottles with the flippies..they are beautiful. i am so looking forward to bottling my first batch of canadian pa in these great looking bottles..they were a bit expensive,but i think they will be worth it.
  13. thank you for the info.it helps quite a bit..i'm ready to bottle my first batch and i didn't want to ruin it be being overzealous..i would imagine batch priming will cut down on the possibilities of contaminating your brew..again..thank you..btw.this is a great forum of people who seem to enjoy helping others in their brew making.. :cheers: to you all
  14. i have been reading alot about how to successfully prime your beer...either using individual bottles or by the batch.. most say do not use regular granulated sugar due to the cidery tase you will get from it..a malt extract or corn sugar and even honey are mentioned to get your beer primed..will corn syrup or maple syrup work as well? will you get a taste difference use different primers? .do the same measurment rules apply using different primers? is it better to batch prime for better end results?
  15. sounds like a nice brew..curious...after making your boil with all the ingredients can you strain it with a fine mesh strainer before placing it in the keg. then you would not have to contend with any floaties or sinkers of fruit,seeds,etc come time to bottle? or do you need those undesireables during fermentation? just curious...
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