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  1. Looking into buying kegging set up just debating between pin lock or ball lock. Probably going with NB's set up and gonna buy all new stuff. I picked up an old fridge already drilled out for the lines. It'll be nice to have my own draft at home and the picnic tap for when I want to transport.
  2. Wow has Mr Beer changed since I was here last time. Still brewing though !
  3. I've done the Bavarian Hefeweizen and the Super Alt and was very satisfied with the results. NB is my supplier of beer kits now.
  4. You may want to try the Jazzberry Ram recipe. I enjoyed it, light raspberry taste and changed my taste for bocks.
  5. Replace all water with the Maple Sap to get best results. Just boil it for like 10 minutes to kill off any unwanted organisms and cool down in the fridge.
  6. Why settle for an alternative when you could have the real thing ? I have 2 cans if you're interested. Send me a PM.
  7. I believe it was better after 6 months. Time gives all the flavors a chance to combine into something great.
  8. I have 3 recipes on hand and am asking which grains should I steep, how much grains, and in how much water ? 1. Big Ed's Red 2. Old Uncle Arnold 3.Jazzberry Ram Thanks Steve (GCB)
  9. If you haven't brewed either one before I suggest brewing each recipe straight up, the Mad Dog and ADIPA are very good stand alone brews.
  10. dudash02 wrote: so i just wanted to get some insight with spring coming upon us fishing season starts here in PA on march 31 im looking to brew a nice not to heavy beer maybe a good ale that i can sit and drink on the pond how bout some suggestion on the next recipe kit i can purchase thanks Pa ? Me too here at ?
  11. I need to say a big thanks to Mr. Beer and the forum members here for helping me make some damn good beer. With that being said I find myself making 5 gallon kits more than Mr. Beer batches. I still will make some Mr.Beer products and will still browse this forum but I will probably post a lot less than I did...not that I did anyway. I still have some seasonals in stock, 1 Belgium Dubbel, 2 English Ales and 2 Strong Dark Ales from last winter(lost the taste for the Strong Dark Ales) so I'd be willing to trade those off for some more Belgiums or something else, PM me if interested. I may even get rid of a couple kegs, I have 4 but will keep 2 for now. I drank some of that Apple Pie Moonshine and feeling fuzzy so I need to go start some dinner. Thanks again, Steve aka God's Country Brewer
  12. jhyoung09 wrote: this is one of those creepers, u can drink it all night, and seem fine, the second u stand, down u go. so be careful. I'm letting a friend from work use a 5 gallon carboy in trade for a liter 190 grain Everclear. I made a batch of this stuff up and I have to agree, this stuff is scary good!! *Just a note* the batch yields 4 quarts and one pint when is all done.
  13. You can always make a 5 gallon batch and split it into 2 Mr Beer kegs.
  14. JamesD wrote: Strong isnt good. Try actual moonshine if you can GET IT!!! Shine on Georgia Moon is a commercially available moonshine although only 80 proof.
  15. Have you checked Austin Homebrew? They have a ton of clones including some Unibroues.
  16. 3 weeks in the LBK should be good, 4 weeks in the bottle , then pop a couple in the fridge for a day or two....works for me.
  17. It's all part of the learning process. We all make mistakes, just keep on brewing because there's no better satisfaction than drinking a great beer that you've made yourself !
  18. To answer your question, invest in the locking spigot and wand combo, it will make bottling way easier in the future.
  19. I,ve always used the packaging tube the hydrometer come in, it needs less precious brew to take readings than a sampling tube.
  20. I've been using my 16 oz. crimp cap bottles for over a year now, I have about 11 cases of those. I also have 4 cases of Grolsh flippies just in case I ever run out of caps. I always remove the bails off of them for storage so the gaskets can "relax". It's all in your preference really, do what works best for you.
  21. Just an update... the airlock is bubbling like a fishtank
  22. mainegoer72 wrote: I don't know if I'm working my way into adding veggies to my beer yet! I'll stick with cherries, blueberries (my fav), and raspberries, maybe cranberries....but carrots?? I've thought about using wild leeks in a brew but I'm sure the leeks would become a permanent odor in the LBK. They are quite strong.
  23. I'd go 1 can of HME, 1 can of UME and 1 can of Boysenberries, all the same time or wait 10 days to add the berries. If not enough flavor do 2 cansof berries next time, one right away and one 10 days in.
  24. kavouras wrote: Thanks for the insight....Im also askin cus its not really a MB recipe....I added hopps, DME, and Light Brown Sugar to the mix....still do what MB says ? being its 85-95% MB recipe? Keep it in the LBK until bottling time, just prop up the spouted end a 1/4 inch while fermenting so most of the trub lays toward the back of the keg, a lot of us do it this way. You could always pick up another LBK if you ever wanted to transfer into a secondary. I would also suggest getting a locking spigot/bottling wand combo. You DO NOT want to aerate the fermented wort while transferring. Adding oxygen at this stage is not a good thing. Edit : If you don't have a hydrometer it is highly suggested. It's the only way to truly tell when fermentation is complete.
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