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  1. 1/2 pound would be about right for a MrBeer size batch. I used a pound in a 5 gallon batch.
  2. I use lowes food grade buckets and lids with gaskets on them. Each one will hold 25 lbs.
  3. I use a one step soaked paper towel to sanitize the outside then I use it to siphon one step from one container to another to sanitize the inside of it.
  4. If you don't mind spending $20 or $30 beersmith kicks rump. There are a lot of free softwares that are good and will get you by. I used to be partial to brewmate. But beersmith has a lot of incredible features.
  5. Welcome to the forum. I love brewing but I am not crazy...and neither am I.
  6. "LorraineMontana" post=389077 said: "Gymrat" post=388965 said:I hope you left plenty of head space in that bucket. You better start rigging up a blow off tube. While the genders often differ on the representation of six inches, I maintain that my headspace allowance is in fact that amount. [attachment=14359]DSC_0053.jpg[/attachment] OK that was funny :chug: And that should be plenty of head space...so to speak.
  7. I hope you left plenty of head space in that bucket. You better start rigging up a blow off tube.
  8. I got it here http://www.midwestsupplies.com/stainless-steel-strainer-10-1-4-diameter.html
  9. Half an ounce of hops for 30 minutes and half for 5 minutes gave him 90 IBUs? What was the Alpha Acid percentage on those hops?
  10. "VTGroff" post=388651 said: "Gymrat" post=387779 said: "BlackDuck" post=387778 said:I've done the hopsack on the end of the tubing before with good success. I made sure that it was soaked with sanitizer first, then squeezed it to wring out as much of it as possible. I secured mine to the tube with a sanitized zip tie making sure the top of the bag was as close to the end of the tube as I could get it. This gave ample room for the bag to collect the floaties. I didn't use any weights to keep it down. I just made sure that I had plenty of tubing so it would reach all the way to the bottom of the bottling bucket (keg in your case). Make sure you completely sanitize the tubing also as it will be immersed in beer by the time you are finished. Too bad you can't cold crash first....I'm thinking that will help tremendously. When I get to my Pliny recipe, I plan on doing this procedure. This is exactly how I did it. Wait, so you guys put your sack on the output of the siphon? Hmmm....I might have to try that next time. I was putting it over the input of the siphon and thought it was introducing a lot of foam/oxygen into the process. Luckily I haven't had any oxidation issues with that batch. I'll definitely have to try putting the sack on the output tube next time when I rack my dry-hopped Belgian-Inspired IPA. Either way beats not filtering dry-hopped pellets. I did that for my IPA and clogged my keg output so bad it required major dis-assembly and re-assembly at least 5 times to clean out the dip tube/poppets/ The first time I tred it I put it on the input of the siphon and I got a lot of oxygen. The next time I put it on the output side and left plenty of slack on it and had no issues. I gave it a good long soak in one step first which not only sanitized but also minimized the amount of oxygen it introduced.
  11. If I am understanding you correctly, and you simply racked to a secondary, you won't see bubbles in the airlock, you won't see krauson, you won't see anything at all. That is the purpose of a secondary, to get the beer off the yeast while it is cleaning itself up. I can't imagine you seeing any activity at all unless you add more sugar and add more yeast.
  12. I had a lot of trouble with clogged bottling wands before I bought my strainer. I can absolutely tell the difference between using hop sacks and going commando. Commando really upped the hop flavor.
  13. If it hasn't conditioned out by now it most likely never will.
  14. I kinda wanted to brew today since it only got to around 90 degrees and I don't know when that will happen again. But I have about 50 gallons of beer cellared right now. I honestly don't know how I am going to get it all drank. I am afraid I am going to have to start pouring some out as it is nearly 2 years old. So I decided to take a brewing hiatus until the temps start dropping around September.
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