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  1. I thought this would get more conversation.. maybe I should have posted this in the drain pipe thought new brewers would get something out of this show.
  2. After listening to this show it makes me wana try to do a kit beer again. I strongly recommend giving this a listen to let me know what you think!
  3. http://thebrewingnetwork.com/shows/698 John Palmer and jamil zainasheff cover how to brew kit beers. I think everyone here would learn a lot if they gave this a listen to because, you are all kit beer brewers! :cheers: This show and many others has great info that we all want to learn about, so I thought I would share with what you all. P.S. It's been a long time since I have have posted but I haven't forgotten about you great people here at the Mr.beer community! I have been busy with school last semester here at SIU. I also, am planing on brewing 4 beers this month: IPA, IIPA, oatmeal stout and a massive imperial stout! I gathered about 100 pounds of base grain, 3+ pounds of hops, 4 types of yeast, and a bunch of specialty grains. I also plan on adjusting my water to style, I have learned a lot from these podcasts and reading their books. Down here at school whats been able to happen with the beer scene is great. We have a local liquor store that has craft beer tasting every Monday night and people bring all sots of home brews and rare mico brews. We have a bar that opened up that only has craft beer on tap 14 different taps ranging from Bell's 2 hearted, fat tire, ranger IPA, Schlafly, founders, southern tier, local brewery Big Muddy & more! And last but not least.. we started a Home brew club! We started a facebook group and had about 45 people show up at our first meeting, it was great! So have have been very busy!
  4. That happens to me time to time my advice would be when you take your beer out of the fridge and it sit on the counter top for 5 min or so before you open it. Sometimes I feel like the major temp change may have something to do with the foaming.
  5. There is no advantage of having a low efficiencies. there is a disadvantage to having to high of a efficiency 90%+ can lead to extractions of lots of tannins that are undesirable in the finished beer.
  6. Many Winners of he National Homebrew Competition reported that their winning beer never saw a secondary fermenter. I would only use a secondary fermenter if and only if I am dry hopping, adding fruit, aging on oak or some other chip, long term aging 2 months +, and last harvesting the yeast from my primary. I see no other reason to rack your beer and expose it to extra oxygen just for the sake of clarity. Its fine to let your beer sit on the yeast cake for a few weeks. EDIT: I would also have to say don't use those plastic water jugs as a secondary. I believe those are permeable to oxygen and that can be worse than no secondary at all.
  7. Sheldoni wrote: In my experience, hot side aeration is more than just a twang. It makes your brew almost undrinkable. It is a horrible off flavor. I learned my lesson with this one. G I have done a few all grain brews where I know I had hot side aeration and they all have been very drinkable. They may have had off flavors bot nothing terrible that made me not want to drink them.
  8. In chapter 7 of John Palmer's book How to brew- Boiling and Cooling he talks bout an off- flavor called an extract twang. He explains that oxidation of the hot wort and Mailard reactions can lead to these twang flavors. So just a thought on the Mr.beer twang, it may not be the yeast but the procedure of dumping the hot wort in to the cold water causing hot side oxidation leading to a twang. So maybe cooling the wort before dumping it in the keg may help in reducing this off-flavor. I saw this as I was reading the book I got for Christmas thought I was chime back in on this topic. I haven't used my Mr.beer fermentors in 5 months or so they have been collecting dust in my basement. I think I am going to start using them as my yeast starters for my BIG beers. I am going to be brewing a imperial stout with an O.G of 1.090~ so I might make a 1 gallon starter in my mr beer fermenter. Happy brewing!
  9. I use a auto siphon to transfer my brews.
  10. FrozenInTime wrote: S.A. and Fat tire fill about half my inventory of bottles. The other half are the $12/case bottles mostly. My PETs make good ice bottles for the keg/cooler. This summer I must have bought 6 12 packs of New Belgian mighty arrow pale ale. It is so good, they were on sale for 9$ a 12 pack. I bought them all so I have a ton of new Belgian bottles.
  11. I buy my favorite craft beer drinkem and delabel and save for further use. When my friends come over with there craft beer I do the same. I must have 10 + cases of bottles after a year of collecting.
  12. You should be find you really dont want to add much oxygen once fermentation starts unless its a really big beer that you want it finish at a low final gravity. Opening the lid may just lead to possible infections but don't worry your beer will be fine.
  13. I would do 1.5 qt. per pound of grain and go for 45 min. If you are really worried about conversion do a starch conversion test with some iodine.
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