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  1. looking for something close to sierra nevada pale ale...anyone?
  2. I just checked on my Ottos Octoberfest and the bottles are rock hard and disformed at the neck...look like they are about to pop. They have been sitting for 7 days. What should I do?
  3. thanks, I'll have to try it.
  4. Just had my first and second WCPA..... total success tastes great. I used cane sugar on one and corn sugar in the other. Cane sugar..more head, but not as carbonated but a little sweet. Corn sugar..not much head but tasted more crisp with a tad of bitterness... both are very tasty.
  5. Anyone have a recipe close to Sam Adams Octoberfest?
  6. I doubt it, I'll probably try to find one on ebay or amazon...thanks for the info
  7. Any idea where I can find one without ordering one online?
  8. Should I use the same 2-2-2 rule with the IPA as the WCPA? Just wondering if it has to sit longer because of the style of beer.
  9. Anyone have a recipe close to Sam Adams Octoberfest?
  10. Bottled up my first batch of west coast after 2 weeks yesterday. Today I mixed up a new batch of American devil ipa. I see lots of beers in my future.
  11. I was curious also and bottled 20 oz. of my first batch of west coast pale ale after 1 week fermenting. Let it sit for 7 days, then 3 days in the fridge. Tasted it today. It tasted pretty darn good...could use more carbination but for only 2 weeks I was surprised at the taste. I can't wait until it fully ferments. Now I'm ready to use my 2nd keg for some American Devil IPA.
  12. Mine will be ready in about 2 weeks, I like that you said it tastes like high life, I love the champagne of beer. I also have American Devil IPA on deck to start as soon as my 2nd keg arives.
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