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  1. got 20 bottles out of this batch, including 2 trub bottles. mmmm cant wait.
  2. bottled today, smells delicious. 7 days to cold crash test!
  3. what I did was use a cheesecloth pouch that I d-ringed to the handle of my stockpot... every 5 minutes i opened it up and added more hops. see photo above...
  4. thats good, it looks like orange guinness.
  5. well in definently fermented. very close to the FG estimate but ill let it go another week. smells great, tastes even better. VERY cloudy though.
  6. wow, it has great color and has fermented quite a bit in only 7 days, but not yet at the FG estimate. no carbonation yet, but great taste and good hop balance.
  7. just got home. both reading around 70. the amber ale has stopped the rapid fermentation... now the wait for the 7 day check....
  8. I got the temps down to 68-70 with a submersion in ice water. re pitched mr. beer yeast after the Safale 05... going to wait the 7 days and do a gravity reading before I dump this brew. it feels good knowing theres other beer pervs out there like me that want updates lol.
  9. temps keep raising to around 72-73 during the day.... trying to control it with a cool wet shirt wrapped over it. The other is in a long deep pan with about an inch of water in it, keep it near 70 with a frozen bottle in the pan with it. the amber ale is churnin away. theres floaties and whatnot shooting around inside like crazy. about a one finger tall krausen on it and its goin strong. i placed them both in pans now... both reading 73, too high for me. gothem both in a deep pan with some water in it and a shirt to wick up cool water throughout the day. this has kept prior batches at 68-70 for the entire 2 week ferment.
  10. dunno the difference. it is from british 2 row though.
  11. mmm all finished.... pics to come.... smells very much like citrusy candied yams.... OG was 1.060 on the nose, just what beersmith estimated. color was good too. a bit darker than the estimation but good. taste of the hydrometer draw was good, spicy, citrusy, earthy, and pumpkiny.
  12. basically yes. ill take photos for better mental imaging. essentially a pinch of them every 5 minutes.
  13. heres what ive worked in beersmith. 3.00 lb Amber Dry Extract (12.5 SRM) Dry Extract 100.00 % 0.05 oz Chinook [13.00 %] (60 min) Hops 5.0 IBU 0.05 oz Chinook [13.00 %] (55 min) Hops 4.9 IBU 0.05 oz Chinook [13.00 %] (50 min) Hops 4.7 IBU 0.05 oz Chinook [13.00 %] (45 min) Hops 4.6 IBU 0.05 oz Chinook [13.00 %] (40 min) Hops 4.4 IBU 0.05 oz Chinook [13.00 %] (35 min) Hops 4.1 IBU 0.05 oz Chinook [13.00 %] (30 min) Hops 3.8 IBU 0.05 oz Chinook [13.00 %] (25 min) Hops 3.5 IBU 0.05 oz Chinook [13.00 %] (20 min) Hops 3.0 IBU 0.05 oz Chinook [13.00 %] (15 min) Hops 2.5 IBU 0.50 oz Cascade [5.50 %] (15 min) Hops 10.5 IBU 0.50 oz Northern Brewer [10.50 %] (5 min) Hops 8.0 IBU 1 Pkgs American Ale (Wyeast Labs #1056) Yeast-Ale DRYHOP w/ Northern Brewer at 7 days. Est Original Gravity: 1.060 SG Measured Original Gravity: 1.010 SG Est Final Gravity: 1.014 SG Measured Final Gravity: 1.005 SG Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 5.91 % Actual Alcohol by Vol: 0.65 % Bitterness: 59.1 IBU
  14. so I have some left over hops and 3 lbs of Muntons amber DME sitting around... time to use them up. I am aiming for a well hopped amber ale... Heres what I got... .5 oz Chinook .5 oz Cascade 1 oz of Northern Brewer 3 lbs muntons Amber DME (1) packet of American Ale Wyeast liquid yeast any reccomendations on the hop addition? Id like to bitter with chinook and finish with the NB.....
  15. still no krausen.... about 24 hours in.... and the keg thermo says 74 now... im REALLY worried about this batch. I spent good money on it too.
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