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  1. Earlier this year they sent us a sampler box with 2 11# bags of these (not sure which exactly). We have not used any as of yet.
  2. I can only speak of my experience and my studies. Beyond that, I am not able to have an opinion. So if you say it is thus, I have to believe you... so no reason to "argue"
  3. You are, basically, making your own coconut extract ("Tincuture") is what you are doing. I used to do this with cocoa nibs for my chocolate porter. Toast, soak, toss. However, what I have learned as a 'professional' now is that this isn't allowed unless you get TTB approval prior. Putting anything that isn't Reinheitsgebot approved, basically, needs TTB approval. Most certainly liquor. While still needing approval, to me, a good coconut extract is the way to go.... keyword: good. Not some cheap ass extract, it's gotta to be a good, true flavor. Again, the biggest factor for me is, this allows us to control the flavor profile. We can add to the fermenter or we can add it just to the keg as we are kegging and we will always get the right amount of flavor we are looking for.
  4. I have yes. I have done it with toasting my own coconut and tossing it straight in... that was a HUGE nightmare. I have done with toasting and putting it in a sack and DH'n with it. The problem I see is that what you really want is the oils that come with toasting and a couple of things happen here: 1) It takes a boatload to get a decent coconut flavor and 2) These oils reduce head retention and basically make the beer look flat and IMO, almost unappealing when it is poured. I like a good, chocolaty, head on my porters when poured. The way around this is coconut extract. Using extract does at least 3 things for you: 1) No toasting, no mess! 2) Easier to control flavor profile & be consistent with it and 3) Gives you head!
  5. Honestly, don’t know much about those set ups. I’ve seen them mentioned on a few videos I’ve watched. Always down to watch brewery related videos, so thanks for that. Heck, the last few nights I have been up waaaaay past my bed time doing just that. I posted this pic on FB last night and tagged Mitch. Cool to hear what he had to say in 2011 back when he was with Stone. Watched a couple other interviews with him from 2011/2012 last night also.
  6. I don’t do sours, yet. Too small of a confined space we are brewing in to risk it right now. #Eventually.
  7. I didn’t go to OU, but nice try. Im just saying, if it was Seattle, I could show y’all an amazing time. Then again, maybe schedule Seattle next year and I host y’all at Manfish.
  8. Is that a technical brewing phrase? Lol 😂
  9. Nothing I would specifically say to go to, no. I am under the belief that “aimlessly wandering” is learning and learning is good.
  10. It was never a thought for me when I started out either. Then friends kept telling me I needed to be able to sell my beer because they loved it. I kept reminding them: a) You’re drinking for free and b) You’re drunk lol. however, they were right and here we are.
  11. Very easily. From my experience all it took was trying that first batch (looking back it was terrible, temp issue I think, but I made it). Then I stepped up to 3 LBKs and got a pipeline started. Within 5 months of my 1st batch I was on to All Grain doing 3 gallon batches, then it went to 5, to 10, to 15 and eventually to 35 gallon batches and well, now, in 2018 we sold 20 BBLs (620 gallons) of Manfish beer. Yes, “obsession” is right.
  12. US-05. For what I brew, I can use it in almost everything... almost.
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