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  1. Is anyone on here from west virginia?? The reasom is there are some stores aroun that sell mr beer stuff and its always empty or little to choose from?!
  2. Strong isnt good. Try actual moonshine if you can GET IT!!!
  3. the "shine" we get in wv is about 110 proof. Pretty damn good stuff. Never tried apple pie with everclear though, But for those inquiring here is the recipe: 1 gallon motts or white house apple cider 1.25 cups of sugar In a large pot bring cider and sugar to a boil after boil sit in ice bath in sink. after cools down put in one quart jar of "shine" stir good. Put two cinnamon sticks per quart jar dump in mix. let sit for 7-10 days and be careful!!!!!!
  4. Just made a batch of apple pie moonshine. If you could get your hands on some i suggest it!
  5. tried my own recipe the other night. It was freakin awsome!! A good warrior ipa. Save a six pack to try later? if i can hold off that long. Would post picture but cant seem to pry my hand of the glass to grab the camera!!
  6. it was in primary for 15 days!
  7. Bottling Day! Racked from primary to bott bucket took gravity reading> setting on 1.010 O.G at 1.050? Smells good and tastes even better. Still young though,will let ya'll know in2 weeks!!! :hammer: :barman:
  8. oops! yes 3grams give or take a little!! Tasted last night tastes good so far. Ibu's at around 120!! YUMM!!!
  9. Does anyone know of a good brew pub in nyc? Leaving monday morning will arrive in time for a beer ?
  10. 1 lb 2 oz Golden Light DME 1 Lb amber LME .75 0z Warrior hops (60 min) 1 0z cascade (last 15 min) Prepared and filled pot with 8 cups water added dme will still cool waited on hot break Made first addition of .75 oz warrior hops 60 min boil added cascade hops last 15 min Added 1 lb of amber lme at flame out. Cooled with ice bath added to fermenter pitched 3 0z of salflae s -33 yeast waiting on fermenter!! After 12 hrs looked in keg and found an excellent layer of krauesen!!! Will keep ya posted!!!!
  11. the spit episode and narrow minded people!!!!!!!
  12. i've got one more chilled getting ready to try after my trip to walmart i need one. Its more of a cider than anything! Maybe its where im used to drinking the flying dog.
  13. I've just cracked the lid on a victorian bitter,not really pleased with the results!! I let it ferment for the three weeks as noted. carbed for two weeks and is still cloudy as hell!! Is this beer supposed to be this way or WHAT?? Got kind of a slight vinegar/cider taste?? Dont understand any help appreciated!!!
  14. so i could do a30min boil. cool and pitch hey!!!
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