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  1. Thanks for the information. Let me know how yours turns out. I will be brewing up a batch this evening. Kyle
  2. Has anyone ever tried the dutch apple ale recipe from MB?
  3. Looks like a good brew. Welcome to the forums.
  4. Looks very tasty! Congrats on another successful brew.
  5. Thank you all for the info. I look forward to trying it out for my next batch. K
  6. So a pound of grains steeped then proceed with the HME and UME as usual for MR B recipes? D Rabbit wrote: I bought reusable grain sacks through midwest and they seem to hold about a pound in each sack. Wouldn't go much more than that as they need room to expand so you get all the goodness out.
  7. Thanks for the info. I think I will give steeping a try with my next batch. How much of the grains do you use in the grain sack?
  8. This is a hobby... if you are overwhelmed and stressed then you are doing something wrong
  9. I have the hand capper and it works very well. I havn't had any issues with it.
  10. Welcome to the forums! There are a lot of great people here and even greater information.
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