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  1. I like Guinness or a good cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Dogfish is good but honestly it's whatever grabs my attention if they don't have Guinness in stock at the time.
  2. if the keg don't leak and it makes beer, don't fix
  3. bpgreen wrote: I'm going to be a bit contrarian. My advice would be to start small. Make the WCPA with booster just to get the technique down. Follow the instructions to the letter. EXCEPT, let it ferment for two weeks, then let it carbonate for two weeks. Give it at least 2-3 days in the refrigerator after that. If you add ingredients, don't add simple sugars (white sugar, brown sugar, honey) until after you've been brewing awhile. Add malt extracts (UME, LME, DME) instead. They'll improve the taste as well as increase the alcohol. Don't chase ABV. Work on the taste that you like. The ABV will follow. The beers I made where I chased ABV were among the worst I've made. When I started trying for better taste, the ABV increased, but it was a side effect. I'm with BP and Fedora all the way on this.
  4. Hey everyone, A friend in Austin sent me a couple pounds of Pale Malted Barley (cracked) and I was wondering since I will be brewing up a couple kegs today, how to incorporate this ingredient into my Mr. Beer? Is it even possible? Do I boil a cup with the cans?
  5. enderst wrote: blue orange green brown slate And let's not forget: White Red Black Yellow Violet!
  6. Hey Everyone, sorry have not been around but trying to get a new job is tricky (got laid off from telephone lineman job) and wow the job market is tougher than leather at the moment its the only reason i have not been on. Hopefully things will turn around for me in a little bit, thank goodness for savings.
  7. gokorn1 wrote: its a great movie. its cool to see how hard it is to get a beer into market, and how AB basically has a monopoly on the market. Not to sure if that moonshot beer will ever make it. I agree, good movie though!
  8. 'Grats on your brew! no need to worry on the process on whether it is done, I bet she is. It's just that depending on what temp you poured it out at. You posted that you had the bottled in the freezer, unless I am mistaken, I think the colder the temp of the brew at time of pour, it may affect how much head you get due to the activity of molecules.
  9. Congratulations! that beer will be awesome come a week you watch.
  10. Congratulations on your beer! Like a good wife, they only get better with age!
  11. lj, relax buddy....Beer has this funny way of doing it's job when we are least expecting it too. As I have stated before, beer doesn't keep brewer's hours. And likely seems the least inactive when we are looking directly at it. Give it 24 hours, if in fact there is NO ACTIVITY, then just dump another yeast packet in there, but yeast is hard to kill. The 60 degrees at which you dumped the yeast initially will not affect it. I bet it just needs time for the entire batch to get up to temp. Worst case scenario? Dump another packet of yeast in there. You'll be fine just watch. P.S. - I don't buy water, I just open the kitchen sink and voila! Water. All my beers so far have turned out great with just regular old tap H2O.
  12. Thats neat but I wonder what it really smells like? If indeed it has something of a true beer smell, I wonder if it comes in Stout scent?
  13. Congratulations on your brew Grumpy, the 2-2-2 is great and has worked wonders for otherwise sour tasting beer (as some have thought of the first beer). Dave and I tend to think alike and usually when we impart more adjuncts (add more stuff into the mix than what is called for in the recipe) the 2-2-2 will balance it out nicely as you usually wish to ferment a bit longer to allow proper time for the added ingredients.
  14. i'd go with a 1/4 tsp at first Dave to see if it imparts just enough zing. It's best to judge too little this way you make allowances for not enough (but still SOME zing) as opposed to trying to find the margin of when too much was too much and became heavy-hand in the flavor profile.
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