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    thanks i am going to try just that, ill let you know how it turns out, happy brewing all !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. two weeks, set a thermometer beside the keg after two weeks and found out it was to cold down there i got a stick on thermometer and been keeping it at 72 now for three days, tasted it and it seems flat but a little bitter. going to bottle anyway and hope for the best. live and learn huh! p.s. where might i get a hydrometer?
  3. forny


    getting ready to start my 2nd batch (bewitching red ale) wanting to add some honey to boost alcohol content can anyone suggest how much without hurting the flavor so much, also should i add it to the wort first then the keg? i was thinking of a half cup of honey and three weeks fermenting time. this might seem a silly question to some of you but i am new to this so please humor me.
  4. i had my keg sitting on the floor and did not realize the temp. was at 60 degrees down there untill i got ready to bottle today. it seems to have fermented okay, i guess what im really asking is would this have really hurt the fermenting process. thanks for any info i can get on this. found my answer just didnt go far enough into the forem all new to me but i will get it sooner or later thanks anyway
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