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  1. used both.........seemed the same.........
  2. sweet i'll use it in my next batch..
  3. a friend gave me an old beer kit..the yeast expired in 2006 but it also came with some DME,,,,,,do you all think that it could still be used or just throw it away??????
  4. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i have a flip top bottle i wanna use sometime,,,,,,,it's 1 quart 14.5 oz,,how much priming surgar for that bottle?thanx all
  6. i loved mine ,yours looks great congrat's!!
  7. i brewed american devil with 3/4 of honey ,fermented 3 weeks 1 week carbing took a taste test was awesome, profile pic to the right is it!!
  8. i just cracked one open after 3 weeks fermenting and only one week carbing was great!!! cant wait till the rest matures
  9. thanx yankeedag i couldn't of done it without you and all the people in this forums help thanx alot
  10. you gotta try at least one ,so you can see how much better it gets...
  11. really good nice and dry,, will get better with age.....
  12. i bottle primed and used granulated table surgar,and i started with the PET bottles......bottling second batch today!!!
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