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  1. pwhharding wrote: I just tried this: 1 can of Englishman's Nut Brown Ale 1 can of Creamy Brown UME 1/2 oz of Columbus Hops(60 mins) 1/2 oz of Liberty Hops(15 mins) 1 cup of honey 1/2 tsp of hickory liquid smoke 1 whole vanilla bean split and seeded Pretty good. It has a great aroma, the taste starts off with hops, then smoke then slight vanilla. When you let it breathe for awhile the vanilla comes to the fore front and the smoke takes a back seat. I'm gonna let the other 7 bottle's sit for 3 more weeks to let the smoke flavor mellow out a little more but over all it's pretty damn tasty. wow, that sounds REALLY good! I was actually gonna try and use the Nut Brown Ale for my next brew...mind if i "steal" this recipe?
  2. just finished brewing up a batch it's more or less stock from the recipe given, maybe with a little bit more liquid smoke (another 1/4 tsp) we'll see how this turns out labor day!
  3. enderst wrote: link is fubar'd fixed, thanks for the heads up
  4. Hi all, I was just looking thru the recipes on the site and stumbled on this: Grillin' Time has anyone tried it? I was thinking about starting this guy immediately after my 2nd batch is done, so i can (hopefully) have it done by labor day weekend. Any thoughts?
  5. markymark186 wrote: And what were your results darkangel? I've been curious about both brown sugar and maple syrup myself, how does the maple work? The brown sugar and maple give an almost identical taste,however, use A LOT (like 2.5 tablespoons) of maple to prime with. Taste? Sweeter than with white sugar and gives a clean finish
  6. I see a few members mentioning oxiclean around here. how does it compare to the one-step that is included with mr b? Is it still "no-rinse" like the one-step or do i have to rinse after? Any particular variety i should/shouldn't use? there are 2-3 at the supermarket i frequent
  7. I primed my first batch with maple, brown sugar & sugar cubes, just to see what effects the different sugars have
  8. gonna add the UME, & will post results when i get to brewing & bottling
  9. bpgreen wrote: That's A LOT of simple sugar to be using with one can of HME. MR Beer recommends keeping adjuncts below 1/3 of the total ABV. If you skip the booster, you're getting more than 1/2 of your total ABV from adjuncts. It's your beer, so you can do this if you want, but it's likely to be pretty cidery tasting. what about another can of hme? How would that affect everything?
  10. Well here is my first recipe: 1 Can Whispering Wheat Weizenbier 1/2 Pouch Booster 1 Packet Tettnanger Pellet Hops 1 1/2 Cups Pure Maple Syrup 1 1/2 Cups Honey because I'm using the honey and maple, do i need the full pouch of booster? Hell, do i even need booster at all? Aslo, can i add some brown sugar, or leave that for bottling?
  11. bpgreen wrote: Hops add hop flavor. The details vary by hops used. What hops are you using? Most likely the Tettnanger pellet hops called for in the morning maple wheat recipe mentioned above
  12. Sham Addams wrote: Try This I actually got my idea from this! Can i sub out the booster for 1.5 cups honey? Would it be a good idea? I would have to fermet longer tho, but how much longer? Also, what kind of flavor does the the hops add? I'm sorry if these questions belong in the new brewer section, but i'm just curious
  13. so, as my first batch in conditioning in the fridge, i'm thinking about what to do about a second batch I have a can of Whispering Wheat Weizenbier, and would like to use that Honey maple wheat is sounding awesome, but i dont know how to go about it suggestions and/or comments?
  14. I bottled my first batch today! Hopefully all will turn out well, esp after a minor, fixable, mishap (threw bottles in fridge overnight after priming, a frantic call to mr b later and i just pulled them out...lol oops) So far I've learned: -measure twice, pour once god can't stress this enough! caught my self a few times mixing up TEAspoons and TABLEspoons when priming -patience is a virtue great things take time, and it is best to wait instead of rushing everything. SLOW DOWN anyone else care to share some insights?
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