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  1. Actually it was more like a 3-3-2... So far the folks who have taste tested the first batch have all given it a thunbs up. They tell me it is a a very thirst quenching, crisp tasting beer. First case is almost gone...5 bottles left, need to brew faster ! My Golden Cowboy Pale Ale is carbonating right now, will post some pics in a few weeks if all comes out ok! Goggles
  2. Pic of my first brewed beer - WCPA! Batch #2 just bottled last night - Cowboy Golden w/PE. Looking forward to tasting that batch... Loving my new hobby :cheer: Goggles
  3. Thanks, will let you know if I go that route (but I feel it is smarter to keep it in the fridge).... But it seriously looks like I will need to buy a fridge just for my homebrews !
  4. I just finished brewing my second batch and I haven;t even finished my first one...I guess you can say I am hooked before I even tasted my first product So I am here for the long haul....1st batch West Coast Pale Ale w/Booster & 2nd batch is Cowboy Golden with Pale Export. A quick conditioning question.... Once I condition beer in fridge for two weeks, does the beer spoil or flavor change if you then store the beer at room temp or should the beer stay in the fridge after the two week period? Thanks in advance, BeerGoggles
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