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  1. Haven't had a bomb yet, but recently had my first "beercano". Trub bottle of an IPA upon opening launched contents skyward. Looked like diet Coke/Mentos.
  2. ADIPA was 1 of recipes I got with kit way back when. My palette had not yet evolved, and I didn't care for it. Now I'm a hop bomb lover, and maybe it's time to revisit it with some additions per Doc PD.
  3. Whenever I'm gonna steep grains with an extract batch, I'll throw in a half pound of 2 row or pilsner and mash it. I love grainy goodness!
  4. Probably too late, but. A while back I did a coffee stout using 2 Sticky Wicket as a base, with a variety of grains. For the coffee, I used a packet(enough for 8 cups) of Tim Horton's fine ground, put it in a hop sack, steeped in 4 cups of 180* water, cooled and added to keg before pitching yeast. No bitterness, and the coffee flavor is present from start to finish, but not overpowering. Until I became one a them hopheads, it was my all time favorite.
  5. Absolutely let us know how this turns out. Love The SN, and would be interested in cloning it. Already got the recipe "favorited"
  6. 1/2 an 11 gram packet is plenty for a Mr beer sized batch(of course rehydrating/yeast starter never hurts) and the remainder will keep at least 2 weeks in the fridge. Throw the packet of fromunda in with the boil, for an added nutrient.
  7. When using US-05 (my favorite) I try to keep a consistent 68*. This, and avoiding the temp spike early in the ferment has yielded good results.
  8. Throw out a batch?!? Nevah! I've brewed near 40 batches, all with tap water, never an off flavor to speak of. If I thought commercial water would make better beer, I'd buy it, just don't think it is necessary.
  9. Individual could also be a beer snob trying to show off his fancy vocabulary. Trust your own palate. Brew what YOU like, the hell with everyone else. Let them drink swill!
  10. I spent the first year of homebrewing making everything under the sun. Now that I've found what styles I like best, I find myself working towards perfecting 4 recipes, and experimenting less with new recipes. My top 4 are a Sticky Wicket based coffee stout, a PM/AG DFH60ish IPA, a St Pats/creamy brown Irish stout, and an AG centennial mild IPA lawnmower beer.
  11. Despite common sense and the well learned advice from the Borg, I think we all need to make mistakes on our way. It's part of the process of learning. Once you have to choke down a less than stellar batch you can truly appreciate the wisdom/advice offered here.
  12. Doc, you are so correct it needed to be posted twice. Higher water volume per pound of grain and finer grind=efficiency. Could do a PM with 3 lbs of grain in that 8qt, though.
  13. I rinse completely after emptying, rinse again before one-stepping at bottling. Any that have a ring or gunk get the overnight Oxyclean free. Dishwasher? I'd be worried about soap residue or nasties gettin in there...
  14. Awesome, Dave! It's a lot more labor intensive, but, in the end, much more satisfying.
  15. I used fresh ground coffee in the coffee stout I made. Enough for a pot, put in hopsack, 4 cups water at 180*, steeped for 20 min, cooled and added to keg with wort. Awesome , but not overpowering flavor. My favorite out of 35ish batches. Used 2 sticky wicket as a base with a bunch of different grains.
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