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  1. Thanks guys. I can rest, and wait. They say 12 weeks in the bottle for this lager...aaaarggghh.
  2. I think you'll be ok. I believe you can pitch some more yeast if you want, but I don't think it anything to freak out about. Let it sit. I've had some beers that looked dormant the whole time and others that I thought were going to explode. You should be ok. Other extract kits ( Coopers) have you adding the yeast and stirring as soon as added, so I don't know if there's a true and steadfast way of doing it. I'll bet you'll have beer in a few weeks.
  3. Being a lover of Guinness I was skeptical, but I tried a St.Patricks Stout with the Creamy Brown malt.Bottled for about 5 weeks. I am impressed. A simple recipe for what I think is a pretty good brew. Just a note to pass on in case anyone was considering it. I brewed a Whispering Wheat/Golden Wheat ume at about the same time. I wasn't too impressed after 4 weeks in the bottle. ANother week, and it made all the difference in the world. One more...Brewfirms Grand Cru. If you like Belgian cru style beer, this is for you. I killed it all in short order. I find using UMEs vs. the sugar makes a big difference as well.
  4. Had a Coopers European Lager extract that I just finished. I added the extract ( with a few spalter hops during boil) to the hot water. I added to the fermenter, added all necessary water ( 5 gallons) and realized...damn..the sugar ( Coopers enhancer 1 ) wasn't added. So I immediately poured it in and stirred it well and seemed to dissolve. Did doing this out of sequence screw it up by any chance? I'm thinking as long as it dissolves and yeast has something to munch on I should be ok. Thought? Thanks.
  5. I've had good luck with about 1/4 - 1/2 tsp. dextrose per 12 oz.Great carb. No explosions. 22oz I'd try about 3/4 tsp. I've got some carb drops I'm gonna try next. See how that works. Should be easier.
  6. I understand that table sugar doesn't break down as well. I've never had a problem with corn sugar.
  7. Thanks guys. Yeah...I see where wheat yeasts are aggressive. Cool to watch.
  8. Brewed some wheat beer yesterday. Briess LME, perle and spalter hops, a dash of lemon juice and corriander. Made about 3 gallons and am fermenting in a 5-6 gallon Coopers carboy. The bubbles from the airlock have been going apeshit, in fact, I one side of the water ( using a 2 bubble airlock) has no water cuz its being pushed to the other side. I assume its because its pushing out all air out the carboy, since there is a lot of headroom. Its been bubbling pretty good now for 2 straight days. Is that a good sign? Guess the yeast is working..I used 11.5 gms od Safale wheat yeast. I've seen my airlock bubble before, but this batch looks like it got ahold of some of McGwires "roids. Thanks for any thoughts.
  9. yankeedag wrote: an ounce for that shouldn't be too much. break it down into the 3rds, and do it. :stout: Sorry. Break it into thirds? I lost ya. The Perle will be boiled for 60 min for bittering, should I do 1 oz at 20 min intervals? vs a whole oz right off the bat?
  10. I'm using an unhopped wheat lme, so hops need to be added, I was wondering if an oz was too much?
  11. Saw an Erdinger clone recipe for 3 gallon batch. It called for 0.2 oz Perle pellets ( 60 min). 0.3 oz Spalt Spalter pellets (15 min) and 0.3 Spalt Spalter ( 1 min). I have an oz of each. Would I mess up the brew if I added all the hops at above mentioned increments. I suppose I can divide them up and add them to a WCPA or a HCCD which I have, but don't know how long the hops would last in the fridge. Thanks for any thoughts.
  12. Thanks guys. I'm going to use it all. I understand it doesn't sit well for an extended period.
  13. konuas wrote: I generally boil my whatnots in about 2Q of water, more if its a long boil to compensate for evaporation. Your post didn't indicate if you were doing a 60 minute or 10-15. HTH I plan on a 60 min boil with bittering hops, then 15 at end for aroma. I just wasn't sure whether to do a full boil ( 3 gallons ) then chill and pitch. Or to do 2 qts as you do then add cold water to the fermenter after all the ingredients are added and done.
  14. Thanks. Water? Use MB instructions or do a full 2 gallon boil, then chill and add yeast?
  15. I have 3.3 lbs of Briess CBW Bavarian wheat LME unhopped. Also some Spalter and German Perle hops. My questions are: 1. Do I need to add any brew sugar? LBHS guy said no, but I'm just wondering...I've gotten better advice on this board. 2. How much water should I start with when brewing the hops ( may add orange peel and corinader). Should I follow MBs method, since this should brew about 2 or so gallons? Thanks again..
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