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  1. No need to apologize for the language. I was doing a 2.5 gal ferment with a 1.5 gal boil. I'm getting a 5.5 gal fermenter next week along with a bigger brew pot.
  2. I'm making my first batch using LME, DME, steeped grains, and boiled hops. It's an IPA, and it is in the middle of the boil right now. It smells like nothing else. I love it!
  3. Hot break occurs about 10 - 15 min after your boil begins. Before that, you can run the risk of boil over. If you add hops before boil over, the oils in the hops can increase the risk of a boil over. If you're doing a LME/DME boil with hops, you will get a hot break anyway. You just may want to control when it happens.
  4. That's what I thought. Thanks.
  5. Teddie: I did add the booster. LowTech: I do have the JimBob version of the database. In water, my hydro is 1.000. Are all the MrB ingredients accurate? Could the honey I used be that much different than the honey in QBrew?
  6. I just bottled a batch of Full Moon Marzen. I can't wait for it to be ready. The taste out of the fermenter was strong, and slightly citrusy. Must have patience.
  7. I just made a batch of Hop Head Red last night. I tried out my shiny new hydrometer on the batch, and I got a reading of 1.054. My question is that in QBrew, for this recipe, I should be getting an OG of 1.065. Why is there such a difference? I checked the hydrometer in water, and it's ok, and I corrected for temperature. Is QBrew just wrong?
  8. I just finished Bell's Two Hearted Ale, and I'm itching to make my own IPA. I'll have to check this one out with my next order.
  9. tabasco wrote: It's the same thing with motorcycles .... so many think that because I don't have a Harley, I "settled", because everyone would "really rather have a Harley." WTF??? No, If I really would rather have a Harley (and I DO like them), I would have bought a Harley. I bought this, because I wanted this ... and I like the MR BEER methods. I'm right with you on that one.
  10. Gymrat wrote: Sam Adams and New Belgium Breweries have been my mainstays for years. But I like the stuff I am making much better than those. And the nice thing is, once you learn how the various ingredients affect the flavor, you will be able to tailor your beer to your taste. I'm trying to select recipes right now that use all the different ingredients MRB has to offer so I can have some idea of what they taste like to create my own brews later.
  11. Thanks for the input. I'm really looking forward to these. i just got an email today saying that my order is going to ship soon.
  12. I bought a few International refill packs, and I am looking at recipes to use my remaining cans with. I want to know what you guys think of Ptarmigan Pale Ale, Belgian Naked Whitbier, and Black Tower Dark Ale. They all sound good to me. I want to experiment with using liquid ale yeast for the ales, and I wanted to try a liquid wheat yeast with the Whitbier, but MRB is OOS on the wheat. I might stop by the nearby LBS before I brew that one to pick up some there. :stout:
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