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  1. So I am conditioning my Honey Pineapple Wheat brew for summer...I made it last year using the Cowboy Honey Wheat recipe and adding a pineapple to it...This year I used the same recipe but used Whispering Wheat HME instead of Cowboy Golden Lager can't wait to pop the top on this one...Hope it will be better then last year.
  2. Update on this brew. I made it with 1/2 of the booster plus 1/2 cup of brown sugar and let it condition for over a month and could not taste the maple syrup but the bacon flavor sure came out...I used pre-maid bacon that goes on salad in a hop sack and tossed in in the keg...I tried with a little bit of orange juice in it and it's not that bad...Tastes like breakfast...If I brew again I would use a much darker maple syrup and hopefully get more flavor...Not the best but not the worst ever...Get ready to make my Golden Pineapple wheat beer for the summer.
  3. Thanks for all the good suggestions...Looks like when I do make this I will use 5 to 7 strips of bacon and just the syrup and not the booster.
  4. I am looking at making Cold Morning Maple Wheat 1 Can Whispering Wheat Weizenbier HME 1 Pouch Booster™ 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME) 1 Packet Tettnanger Pellet Hops 1 1/2 Cups Pure Maple Syrup and my wife wondered if there was anyway I could add some sort of BACON flavor to the beer...So I am looking at suggestions on how to do that. I thought I read sometime ago about cooking bacon pretty well done then put in in a hopsack and toss in the keg for the duration of fermentation. Looking for any help/suggestions/success's of adding bacon to your beer. Thanks!
  5. I found this recipe on the Mr. Beer website a couple of month ago: Bavarian Dark Wheat This traditional Bavarian brew has a sweet malty flavor and a refreshing finish. Brew up a batch today and enjoy a style of beer brewed in southern Germany as early as 1040. RECIPE INCLUDES: 1 Can Whispering Wheat Weizenbier HME 1 Can Mellow Amber UME 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME) 1 Packet Argentine Cascade Pellet Hops 1 Muslin Hop Sack 1 Packet One-Step™ Sanitizing Cleanser I got everything and am ready to brew it but I went back today to get the rest of the instructions and it looks like Mr. Beer has discontinued this recipe. Has anyone brewed it up and suggestions or improvements to it. Looks like I should just bring the water to a boil add the HME and UME and hops then put it in the keg right. Thanks for the help!
  6. Butter


    Final recipe for Pheasant Opener OktoberFest will be: 1 can Octoberfest Vienna Lager 1 Creamy Brown UME 1 cup brown sugar 2/3 cup of molasses 1 tps of nutmeg and using Saflager w-34/70 yeast...by my calculations should be close to over 5.7% AVB
  7. Butter


    I know it's a little late to be starting my Oktoberfest but I am not going to pop the top until the 1st weekend of the South Dakota Pheasant Season which is in October so I going to try Octoberfest Vienna Lager with Creamy Brown UME with 1 cup brown sugar or a 1/3 cup of molasses ...Any suggestions for further add-ins i.e. hops, spices, etc...Thanks for your imput.
  8. I am looking into doing a cider and wondering if there is any difference/advantage to brewing it up the green cider keg or is the regular Mr. Beer keg just fine. Thanks
  9. Popped the top last weekend on this brew and the first bottle was a little over carbed, lots of foam...On the next 3 I popped the top on flat as a pancake...I am using 16 oz. Cobalt Blue flip top bottles I think the seal was not good on the blue bottles...This was only my 2nd batch using those bottles. I used 1 tsp of honey to carb the beer...The brew tastes awsome and smells like a pineapple.
  10. Just got this one in the keg and on the shelf fermenting...Followed the MR. Beer Recipe except put in 1 cup of Booster and 1 cup brown sugar instead of 2 cups Booster...Looking forward to this later this summer.
  11. Looking for clarification on brewing with hops...My next 2 brews I will be branching out and adding hops to I am doing Mr. Beer recipes for Bavarian Dark Wheat and Bohemian Bronze and both call add the hops after I stirred in the HME and UME do I add the hop sack into the keg too or just keep it in the wort for the short time before I add it to the keg? Thanks for your help.
  12. I am thinking of making this later this summer...I just bottled my Pineapple Cowboy Honey Wheat, it will be sitting until the week of Memorial Day and will pop them over the long weekend. I have 2 weeks until I pop the top on my Riptide Red on a camping trip.
  13. I am conditioning Riptide Red which is Bewitched Red Ale and Pale Export UME it's from the recipes page on Mr. Beer has got great reviews and is over 5% AVB. I made it by the recipe but if I was to alter it I would skip the Booster and use brown sugar or honey in it's place.
  14. My Pineapple Cowboy Honey Wheat will be done in the fermenter in a couple of days just wondering is there any benefit to cold crashing a wheat beer? I know wheat beers are not all that clear to begin with just wordering if there is a benefit besides less trub in the bottles. Thanks.
  15. I am just about finished carbing my Mr. Beer Riptide Red and it says "suggested lager time" 4-6 weeks. When it says "lager" are they refering to letting it sit in the fridge for 4-6 weeks or condition at at the same carb temp? I am planning on taking this brew on a camping trip at the end of April plan was to keep them in the closed until the Wednesday of the camping trip then pop them in and take them on the trip on that Friday.
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