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  1. yankeedag wrote: We shall see how mine turns out. Did a 5 gallon batch with 6lbs of wheat DME and 11.75 oz of agave. turned out a 1.056 OG that's on par with my OG.
  2. based on the nutritional facts profile, it looks to be very similar to honey. so if the MB book is accurate, its about 0.9 ABV per 1 cup.
  3. Kealia wrote: Nice. I've been thinking about using agave myself so this is nice timing that this thread was bumped. Here's what I'm planning: Cowboy Lager HME Pale Export UME 1/2 lb DME 1 cup agave Liquid Draft Yeast Qbrew gives me 5.8% ABV and an IBU of 15. I'm not a huge hops fan so I think this should be ok. Hoping for a nice citrus smell and finish as you've noted. nice recipe. i'm sure the DME will definately help the body of the brew. if you want that citrus taste however, i highly suggest including the centennial hops in the wort before cooling. since ur not a hop fan, maybe at least a 1/3 oz.? just so you know, the hop flavor in my brew was definitely present but no way near a typical micro pale ale (Sierra Nevada, etc.) so a little less than 1/2 oz. should do the job. just my opinion. good luck either way and i'd be very interested in how your batch comes out!
  4. got my nectar from Costco. came in a two-pack. each bottle is about 15oz.
  5. also, how much corn sugar do you guys use for batch priming? i recently used just under a 1/2 cup for my currently bottled batch. thanks.
  6. BossBrew wrote: Thanks for the update. I've been eager to hear how this turned out. As for hops, maybe use Amarillo? Amarillo has a bit of a grapefruit flavor (at least to me), so I imagine the citrus (along with some other citrusy hop variety) would go well with the agave. nice tip! i'll def try that next time.
  7. been out the beer loop for a little while as i had other things to attend to but i just wanted to give an update to my agave wheat. first off, the taste/flavor is great. it gives off a very citrus tone which i was very surprised from since i used no citrus ingredients. credit must be given to the addition of centennial hops. as for the agave, it added a unique flavor of its own but in a mild way. as no surprise, it tastes like tequila. try to imagine the flavoring of tequila extracted without the potency and burn. now add that in subtle amounts to your light hoppy ale and there you go. i personally love the taste and the cent-hops give the citrus that is popular with tequila shots anyways. again, the agave flavor is subtle but enough to notice and appreciate. as for the color... beautiful. somewhat of an amber gold color that makes a full glass look like a trophy! lol, maybe getting carried away here but that was just my first impression on my first full pour (i will get a pic posted ASAP as i know this post is almost worthless without one!). not everything turned out great however and this has nothing to do with the initial recipe. i realized that i was weak on the priming and that lead to a half ass carbonated brew. i must have measured incorrectly and i'm ashamed for effen this part up. don't get me wrong, its still very drinkable but i have grown very picky with the details. i can only imagine how much more i could have enjoyed this brew had it had better carbonation which would have equated to a MUCH better head and fuller body. other than that, i was overall very pleased and already have a similar batch bottling right now. using the WCPA instead of whispering wheat and used a full 1 oz. of cascade hops in place of the 1/2 oz. centennial. i am obviously looking for even more hop punch. feedback welcome!
  8. how's the oak beer tasting? still great?
  9. i wouldn't do it. if any, just half a pouch of booster. you wouldn't want the alcohol content overtaking the "flavor". there needs to be balance in the force! more alcohol goals require more malt ingredients, and hops! i already learned this and ended up mixing my strong amber with some store bought pale ale just to give more flavor back. i must say it tasted GREAT after doing this but i would have liked for the brew to taste great on its own without any help.
  10. just bottled last night. 17 days fermenting. FG = 1.006 @ ~66°F. that gives this batch an ABV of 5.7-5.9%. little higher than expected so i guess the agave nectar was a little more potent than i thought. its all good though because the taste sample was very good. nothing overpowering at all. somewhat of a sweet aroma but not sweet flavor so that is good. i'm guessing this is a characteristic of the agave. the added hop flavor was subtle but definitely noticeable. very glad i added them in. they gave just enough extra character. going to let these sit in the bottle for another 4 weeks before transporting to the fridge... just in time for memorial weekend!!!
  11. still had two more liters of my strong amber and here is how she poured 3 days ago. time makes all the difference. it was clear and the head held until the last sip which took about 15 enjoyable minutes. lacks hop character but it tasted MUCH MUCH cleaner than my first pours over a month ago.
  12. here is what the wort looked like right before pouring into the MB keg.
  13. i think a lot of money went into the arrogant bastard cartoon... lol. classic!
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