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  1. Most dogs don't care for the noise, I keep mine inside but maybe I should give them a beer to calm them down. No, I will drink the beer and just pet them
  2. Only Alabama can have wet cities in dry counties and places where you can buy beer in stores but not in a restaurant and other weird liquor laws but at least some of us can now "legally" brew our own beer.
  3. Now that home brewing is legal in Alabama maybe we can talk to one another
  4. I prefer Grand Bohemian, but I'm a hop head.
  5. The blueberries have skins and the raspberries do not. The yeasties have to work harder for thier sugar from the blueberries. :party: Sounds reasonable, it is due to the ease of processing the sugars.
  6. First brew is always memorable, be it good, bad or in between. Glad you had good luck with yours. :gulp:
  7. New set up looks clean abd runs fast. Would suggest reducing the left and right margins, there is alot of open air on either side.
  8. I always knew that good brewing was a more simple process than some folks make it and you just showed how simple it can be. Good one pot system.
  9. The amount time of time spent in the bottle is less important the the amount of time spent in the glass.
  10. The first time will always be remembered.
  11. Looking forward to what is new and improved.
  12. Dark brown adds a very slight taste and slight color and light brown adds even less but either will feed your yeast for carbonating. It takes more brown sugar than table sugar and it is slower to dissolve. I have used it in a porter and a stout, but I batch primed both.
  13. The bottles do not have to have had carbination before, they just have to be strong enough to hold the pressure of fermented beer and keep the light out. I have used all types, 1 lt and 1/2 lt brown PET, 12 oz glass with crip caps, 16 oz flip top and even 5 lt mini keg. Any bottle has advantages and disadvantages. I use 8 oz water bottles for test bottles but beyond that all my bottles are dark. Glass is the best for long shelf life.
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