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  1. I use both and have not noticed any taste difference. Always do about 1/2 in glass and 1/2 in PET. PET is good if you want a long drink but glass is great if you want a quick drink or you are testing conditioning times.
  2. The only problem I can see is the potential for mold and fungus. Even at 70 deg. a closed, dark and moist area is ripe for mold. No problem while carbing and conditioning but could(small chance)be a problem during fermenting. Maybe drying the water out every couple of days would reduce any chance of contamination.
  3. had to resize photo but here is a second try
  4. :cheer: Well today must be about 6 weeks from Christmas because there are several of us that reached week 6. Accually downed 1 at week 5 but week 6 taste even better. Classic blonde in the photo. Fermentation on the low end of the temp(66 - 70) but beer taste good. Followed regular instructions except tried turbanato sugar(light brown cane) for carbing in 2 bottles. Opened one of those also but the results were not too good, not near complete carbing and no change in flavor. St. P Irish Stout entering 3rd week fermenting, still a little sweet so I guess I'll leave it for till 2/6.
  5. Actually, there is an exact listing for 500ml bottles (1/2 liter bottles) and it is 1 and 1/2 teaspoon. Had to find it for my first batch that I just started conditioning. I hope to have be able to report good things. I know it's beer and it should be good.
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