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  1. Looks like a fermentation fountain. Had one using some Cooper's yeast but my CCC did not over react. You might want to give it another try 'cause the brew is good but it takes 4 to 6 months to condition.
  2. The list is very good YD but you might want to explain just how many brews you made and how much fun you had while you learned all those tricks were indeed true. Have fun and brew hoppy.
  3. Coors still says brewed with rocky moutain spring water. The minerals that are found in most spring waters contibute to the taste, either good or bad, but that is what makes some beers exceptional and hard to duplicate.
  4. bpgreen said: Wait, we're only allowed to ask pertinent questions now? That's really going to cut the traffic down. I didn't know that we had to ask questions, much less pertinent ones. I thought that logging on was a reminder to drink beer.
  5. Sugar is dandy...for making candy. Take note of the 2 semi-permanent notes on this catagory for the use of adjuncts. Have fun, brew heavy and brew hoppy.
  6. Overactive fermentation happens from time to time. Wipe the fermenter off, clean the spill up and turn your cap back and forth a couple of times to clear the vents (no need to remove it). The beer should be ok.
  7. 1/2 cup of any sugar left out of your brew will reduce the alcohol content slightly, as it was honey you will loose a slight bit of flavor also but you will still have a nice beer. Honey generally does not affect the hop flavor much so you probably won't notice any greater hoppiness. Have fun, drink a few good brews and relax.
  8. Qbrew is very handy, especially for keeping track of your recicpes.
  9. Welcome aboard. One quick note "ENJOY"
  10. I've done 24 days at 68 degrees, so 28 days should work if the temp stays stable.
  11. Pilot House is good straight up or as a base for heavier brews.
  12. What you have is beer in need of a bottle. Prime the beer, cap it, carb it for 2 weeks, condition it for 2 weeks, throw it in the fridge for a couple of days and then enjoy it.
  13. Some folks don't use booster because the find that they sense an after taste (hot alcohol taste). I just think that it is a pain to dissolve the stuff and lme or dme does a better job if you are boiling hops for additional bittering or flavor. Booster or some other form of sugar is used by most commercial brewers to boost the alcohol. So my advice is to find what you like and go with it.
  14. I use mini-kegs and a party star tap http://www.midwestsupplies.com/party-star-deluxe-co2-tapper.html The mini-kegs hold 5 liters while the tap a draft bottles hold 6 liters, the party star uses a single 16 gram co2 cartrige and the tap a draft uses 2 8 gram cartriges (one can be nitrogen for stouts), Midwest sells an adapter to use the tap a draft on mini-kegs as well. They probably work equally well but you have to naturally carbinate for both systems. The main advantage of the tap a draft is that it is less expensive and the bottles lay on there sides for dispensing and take up less verticle space in the fridge. Nice thing is that the beer stays fresh for a month or so.
  15. Wheat beers tend to be on the cloudy side but that should not be a distraction. There are ways to reduce aor eliminate the cloudiness if you want to. 1. Leave the beer fermenting for 21 days or move to a secondary after the first 5 to 7 days. 2. Use Irish moss or some other finding to drop the wheat particles out. 3. Cold crash the batch before bottling. 4. Cool codition for 4 to 6 weeks or more. 5. Condition for 8 to 12 weeks. The longer it sits the more it settles. Longer conditioning helps the taste also. Have fun and enjoy.
  16. Both ADIPA and Pilothouse are good brews. They both need a minimum of 2-2-2 and both age very well. I tend to boost both of them up to around 5 to 5.5% ABV but just brewed as instructed they are good. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.
  17. Somewhere in the forum is a link for MB extracts to work with BeerSmith. Qbrew is nice because it is very straight forward and easy to use and it is free. Beersmith give options like you are thinking would be nice in qbrew but it is not free. I use both.
  18. Sorghum...one of the lesser know faces of cane sugar.
  19. To boost or not to boost, it's all a percent of alcohol. You can boost with the booster or you can use more malt or you can use fruit or some other form of sugar. I tend to steer clear of booster because I don't like to stir and stir and stir.
  20. Works good, amount of sugar that Midwest recommends is probably on the high side for most brews so be ready to adjust. The CO2 acts like a pressure pump and keeps oxygen off the brew so that the beer stays fresh for up to 4 weeks. I use 5 LT mini-kegs but it is the same type system.
  21. Sounds good, nice light color and a slight hoppiness. What yeast are you going to use?
  22. Citra hops work great with wheat brews, work real well for flavor and bittering 30 to 45 minute boil depending on your taste. Coriander is a great compliment to citra hops. Have fun and brew happy.
  23. Not counting the ducks out but still think AU will win. Pilothouse is showing massive activity and after 14 days I'll take a reading and set up a side run to keep track of the sg, looking for 1.012 to 1.014 for FG to hit 6.2 ABV. Can't wait for the game or the beer.
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