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  1. Interesting, maple brown instead of honey brown.
  2. Love a good IPA, but brewing up a slightly heavy Pilothouse Pilsner for the game. 2 cans Pilothouse Pilsner 1 lb of extra light DME 1/2 oz northern brewer for 25 min. Nottingham yeast and ferment at 62 to 66 for 3 weeks. Put it in mini kegs and force carbonate. Go Auburn, looking for the war eagle to enjoy duck.
  3. Currently using mini-keg and co2 tap. Good points - easy to fill, easy to clean, real good for parties. With a CO2 tap the beer stays good for up to 30 days in the cooler. Bad points - getting the proper carbination is a trick and takes some experimenting. Midwest's instructions say 1 tbs of corn sugar but I find that for most of my brews that is too much sugar. I use between 1.5 and 2 tsp. for stouts and porters and up to 2.5 tsp for all others. The kegs can be used without any pressure tap but the beer has to be consumed within 2 or 3 days. All in all I like the mini-keg for general use beers but my specialties still go into amber glass bottles for extended storage and to give to friends. As for CO2 check Midwest for options. They carry a German made tap and an adapter that lets you use the tap-a-draft system. The system works but takes a good deal of fridge space or a mini-keg dispenser and even with CO2 it has to be emptied pretty quick.
  4. Great use of the kit, great that it brought a good price.
  5. 2 HMEs = a premium recipe, add a bag of booster and the ABV goes up but the flavor stays the about the same. The brew might need to condition longer (probably a minimum of 2 MONTHS) but you will have beer for sure. Booster has one purpose only... raise the alcohol level. It does not improve the flavor, feel or appearance of a beer. Some folks feel that booster actually hurts the taste but used properly it has no taste effect, used wrong and you have natty light taste.
  6. 2 HMEs, HME + UME, HME + booster and any combination of the above. There are a lot of recipes on the board and not all of the combinations have been reached yet. So mix and match to create a new brew.
  7. Why would MB want to get into the 5 gallon brew equipment business when you can go to any LHBS or any number of on line sites to get 5 gallon systems. Extract brewing starts getting expensive when you get to the 5 gallon level and above.
  8. Beerlabelman your graphic is nice but some women love complex brews, generally it takes more work to understand all their compexities but like a complex beer it is worth the effort. Back to the thread, if booster is not to your liking, don't use it. Booster is what it is and you can brew without it or with it. Just to note, if you go to Cooper's web site and look at their HMEs you will see that they recommend adding dextrose and succrose (booster). All of your big brew houses use some for of booster because it is cheaper than malt and raises the ABV. If you know how to use it booster can safely be used to make a good beer. Have fun and brew heavy!
  9. Welcome to the borq. WCPA is an ok beer and real good to start your brewing with. First thing to mention is to keep a eye on your temp, 68 to 72 range and try to keep it steady. Second, ignore MB instructions and leave the brew in the fermenter for 2 weeks, bottle the beer as instructed then let the bottles sit in an upright posistion for 4 weeks at the fermenting temperature, put in the frige for 2 or 3 days and enjoy. If you can stand to do it keep 1 bottle conditioning for 2 to 3 months, it will mature nicely. Have fun and enjoy.
  10. In some states ScrewyBrewew's set up would be considered commercial production of beer and they would tax it. Brew heavy, brew hoppy and brew often.
  11. Welcome to the borq. Enjoy the brewing, but enjoy the brews even more.
  12. Screwy Brewer asked "As for the carbing do you suggest using 20-40% less priming sugar than normal, or some other amount?" I have not gotten the ratio on the carbing sugar just right yet but I am getting good results at a 33% reduction. The lower rate has reduced the foaming but the next time I will probably drop to a 35% reduction. I am also working with 5 lt. kegs and carbing levels are a problem there also. Carbing calculators help but they are not really designed for odd volume containers. Will keep adjusting and drinking.
  13. Have used my growler on several brews. Be sure to reduce the sugar to reflect the larger volumn. As to the pump, you might want to practice putting it on before you have beer in the growler. The pump uses outside air so it will put oxygen on the beer, storage time is only a couple of days. The combo works and I have used it when I know that I am going to have guest to save on bottles. Foaming can be a problem, so watch your carbing sugar.
  14. If you can be sure that the utensil is clean and sanitary, use it. Stainless is easy to clean and sanitize and that is why it is the most recommended. Wood absorbs everything and holds on to it, that''s why it is avoided. Utensils in between work but need extra care sanitizing. The question is always whether or not you want to risk an infection.
  15. Do something light like a pale ale or high country draft and add pureed fruit to it. Strawberry blonds are nice and somewhere I saw a brew called "strawberry blond" too. Getting the fruity taste that your gal likes might take some practice but that's part of the fun.
  16. I always drink some beer with my trub.
  17. Bottle bombs happen but a keg bomb would be unique. Might want to put a web cam in position to film that. Have fun...
  18. The best laid plans often fall prey to the taste buds. Time does help ADIPA.
  19. If you put that Christmas Ale in 12 oz bottles be sure to save a few for Christmas 2011, you'll be glad you did.
  20. different strokes for different folks. I always try to condition 1 or 2 bottles(12 oz) for a good long time(4 to 6 months) even on standard brews just to see what aging can do. To be honest on single HME's I have not noticed much difference after 2 months, but on bigger beers time does add to the taste and clarity. We home brew so that we can have the pleasure of good beer and that is unique to each person. Have fun and brew happy...but drink happier! :cheers:
  21. The trick is to get oxygen dissolved into the wort to feed the yeast when they first awake. How you do it is up to you. My motto is "kiss". I have a battery powered whisk in the kitchen and that is what I use 'cause it's there and one less thing to dig out.
  22. Sounds good, how long are you planning to lager?
  23. Interesting idea but how easy would it be to control the temperature.
  24. Beer for all seasons? What I want is a season for ALL beers. :party:
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