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  1. BugLaden wrote: This looks very good. Fedora Dave taught me that instead of using all of one type of LME (in your case Amber), split it up with a smaller amount of a lighter type (in your case Light LME). This will add more complexity to the taste. So in your case it would be Muntons LME - Amber 2.20 lb, Extract, Extract Muntons LME - Light 1.10 lb, Extract, Extract Just something to try next time. If you are boiling for 60 minutes, and using LME, especially for an IPA, it has been learned to me that you should use the lightest colored one you can find, as th eboil will darken your beer slightly.....this is why some people try late extract additions, etc. TO get better or different flavors, you would still use your lightest colored lme/dme, but tailor to your taste with specialty grains.
  2. Stevo0083 wrote: Great Beer, have never been so exited, my wife did not understand.... They never understand.....I get a glassed over look from my wife anytime I talk about my brewing. If I was talking about a sale on skinny jeans....dear god would she get excited. At least feign interest for the sake of the marriage....amirite?
  3. Tindel wrote: I use them all the time to clean and store yeast... no ill effect yet. +1 - I have only used them for starters, or for collecting slurry from a carboy....or cargirl
  4. Tabasco wrote: I can't see the videos here at work, I'll check 'em out when I get time at home. But yah, it makes sense that saving some of the lme for late addition (like we did on Tabacker Imperial IPA), would help with the 'ol head dept. Geez, I love saying Tabacker Imperial IPA. You can take the "Tabacker Imperial IPA" I liked the sound of an " 'ol head dept."......lololol.....
  5. Depending on the type of beer, and the vigor of the ferment, I would think a 4 gallon batch would be fine.
  6. teran85 wrote: i dont use any solvents to clean my bottles but i do rinse them after use. i leave them in the sink in tap water at the hottest setting for ten min or so to get the lables off. i found that new castle is easiest to get the labels off and the hardest was firestone brewing bottles Big downside to Newcastle bottles however, is the clear glass. If anyone has access to Redhook's loghammer IPA, I have found that the labels almost just fall off in a hot water soak. The easiest I have found to remove so far.
  7. Is this supposed to be somewhere between an IPA, and a Cascadian IPA? It sounds good to me, I'm just unsure, personally, what effect the chocolate, and 80L Crystal will have on the color. I'm trying to picture it in my head, but I am just not that experienced to know. I can say this much, Simcoe is my favorite hop. I finished off my last IPA that has Simcoe in it last night.....it was a very sad night for me.
  8. I would say that first pour is either way over carbed, or you literally threw the beer into that glass. Hehe.
  9. Also - I bottled the Wheat IPA on Friday night. All the way throughout fermentation, the product looked amazing in the keg. On bottling night, I brought both fermentors upstairs to bottle, and upon inspection, saw that one had a sticky, slimy white layer on the surface. Nothing like I had ever seen before. I took a taste sample, and the "whitened" keg did not taste foul. It tasted different from it's exact clone it was sitting next to, but still not like it was ruined. I bottled, as usual. After which I went online and looked up some beer infections. Looks like I may have contaminated my beer with Lactobaccilus when I dry hopped it. The surface of my "infected" keg looked just like the white crap in the pic attached, except mine covered the entire surface. I am 100% sure it wasn't carbonation bubbling. This was not a normal substance in the beer. It had a vaiscousy texture and look. Anyway, I plan on letting it carb for 2 weeks, then I'll fridge a few for a couple days, and try em out. Anyone else experience any of this?
  10. harlick187 wrote: Every year on New Years day I brew something unique and last year the brew I made was similar to yours. It was 1 can Whispering wheat 1 can golden wheat 1 can west coast pale ale 1 can pale export I boiled once oz of cluster hops for 20 min and then add another oz at day 5. I used the US05 yeast and bottled on day 21, and let it condition at 65 degrees until labor day. It was an awesome beer. Careful of your avatar pic harlick. I had someone giving a middle finger, and some schmuck on here complained about it, so the mods removed it. I can only assume your C.L.I.T. will be removed shortly. Sad really.
  11. Maybe it was cost prohibitive to keep them.
  12. I have done a brew I dubbed Danny's Special Brown Ale. See it in my sig. It's linked to the recipe.
  13. What if they've been cracked, but refrigerated. I've got some Crystal 40, about half a #, sitting in my fridge for about 2 months now in a ziploc bag. Do they have a negative effect on the beer if they're old, or just no effect at all?
  14. All I do is rinse them out after pouring, and throw them in the dishwasher, with all the other dishes. After a cycle through the dishwasher, they get stored in boxes. When it comes time to bottle, I sanitize with One-Step. 12 batches deep, many of which have been double Mr. Beer batches, and I haven't had a bad beer due to bottle cleaning.
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