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  1. Not a bad idea, but a 50:50 mix of Budweiser and lemonade is only 2.5%, so I would hope that it would go down smooth. But this recipe concocted by David is about 7%. If you want to stay in that general area with a 50:50 mix, you need your pilsner to be 10+%, which is not an easy task. Also, I know the reason why I decided to make this (just put 1st bottle in fridge to try Friday) is because I had a ton of extra booster from the international packs on clearance at BB&B.
  2. +1 to asking at the sushi place. Certainly can't hurt and many places are more than happy to share.
  3. swenocha wrote: dpip, I ran this recipe on Brewmaster's Warehouse. The ingredients come out about $5 cheaper ($24.65 v. $30ish), so with $7 shipping (somewhat offset by the tax at the LHBS), I end up at pretty much a break-even, though I'll note that I got a touch more ingredients at the LHBS (.2 of each hop and .35 of the DME). I guess my LHBS store's prices aren't too bad. But keep in mind, if you order ingredients for multiple recipes at a time, you'll save money since the shipping is a flat rate.
  4. No, you should be fine. DME is a replacement for Mr. Beer's UME (called LME by almost every other company.) This should turn out better than if you just used the WCPA and booster. Might want to give fermentation an extra week (3 weeks total), but the beer will be good.
  5. If I'm understanding correct, you are planning on using the 1 can of HME along with booster and a cup of honey? If this is true, your malt:adjuncts ratio is quite high and will most likely leave you with a cidery tasting beer that will need a very long condition to get rid of the off-flavors.
  6. Not sure if it would hurt, but it is unlikely to help. The yeast that you pitch will reproduce until the number of yeast is optimal and then they start turning your sugars into alcohol and CO2.
  7. scottsr123 wrote: Here's what I did, works with the locking spout. Got a piece of clear vinyl tubing, 3/8" O.D., from Home Depot. Dipped one end of it in boiling water, then pressed it over the end of the bottling wand. The other end slides pretty easily into the locking spout. When bottling, I sit my priming jug on the counter, sit bottles on a chair and hold the wand in hand, using it to fill bottles. Works great. That is pure genius. Will definitely do that for my next batch :chug:
  8. bkumd

    Summer Wheat

    So I bottled up my 58 Minute IPA today and brewed this up. Mastodon Recipe Mastodon Style American Amber Ale Brewer Brian Batch 2.13 gal Extract Recipe Characteristics Recipe Gravity 1.058 OG Estimated FG 1.014 FG Recipe Bitterness 35 IBU Alcohol by Volume 5.6% Recipe Color 7° SRM Alcohol by Weight 4.4% Ingredients Quantity Grain Type Use 1.00 lb Briess LME - Bavarian Wheat Extract Extract 2.42 lb MrB. Whispering Wheat Weizenbier Extract Extract Quantity Hop Type Time 2.00 oz MrB. Whispering Wheat Weizenbier Pellet 5 minutes Quantity Misc Notes 0.75 unit Corriander Seed Spice 3/4 teaspoonful crushed seed 0.25 unit Lemon Juice Other 1/4 cup 1.00 unit WB-06 Yeast Yeast Recipe Notes Batch Notes Still need to get thermometer for 2nd keg, but not knowing the temp, I didn't even bother taking an OG.
  9. This was the 2nd beer that I made, but I followed it per the Mr. Beer instructions. Yours sounds so much better.
  10. I just dry-hopped for the 1st time and had many floaties. I put it in the fridge tonight to cold crash, so I can let you know in a couple days if they sink to the bottom.
  11. By weight, yes it is over 50% more. But it gets more complex if you look at the ABVs. Premium and deluxe refills are 4.6%, while the seasonal brews are 6.5%. This equates to a 41% increase in ABV. Rather than say more than 40% more, I think this may be where the more than 1/3 increase in malt came from. But I see the website has already been changed to 50%.
  12. Thanks everyone. Moved her into the fridge. 1st batch prime coming up Sunday night.
  13. So I just took another reading and it is still at 1.020. Am I fine to stick it in the fridge to cold crash? I was hoping to get this bottled on sunday night and brew my next batch before school gets crazy with final exams.
  14. Sorry, I don't really have an answer to your question, but I do have a recommendation. That is getting the locking spigot and bottling wand. It is so much easier, especially after using it a couple of times to get used to how much beer is displaced by the wand. It also helps prevent aerating the beer, which can be a problem when just bottling from the tap.
  15. I guess I'm not really concerned too much about accuracy, as long as it is consistent. The values from Qbrew are estimates anyway
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