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  1. Gymrat, It is one of the basic refill ones. I will probably bottle then tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Gymrat, No sweetness, that's why I am wondering if I should bottle, or let sit longer. How will letting it sit affect anything, like AC or taste? Thanks
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm on my 7th beer or so, but I have a question on the one going now. It's the Irish Stout one. It's only been fermenting for a week today, but all of the foam is gone, the top is clear of anything floating, and it does taste like flat beer. Bottle? Or let ferment for another week to give it the full 2 wks? Thanks much!
  4. JustEd, Looked at your pic and.....THAT'S IT. Many thanks! Pete
  5. Hi, I'm making my 4th batch of beer. It's fermenting now, but with this batch I've noticed the foam on top is really thick, and there are "chunks" of stuff kinda floating around. I didn't notice this on my last batches. It's been fermenting for 4 days now. It's High Country Canadian Draft. Is there something not quite right with this batch? Thanks!
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